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rating [ 2/10 ]
Do not let the pictures posted in their website fool you. The CG looks nothing like the pictures posted. I imagine there had to be years of neglect to get the CG to look the way it does at present. We had camped in tents with friends years ago and had very fond memories so we decided to return in our TT this weekend. What a HUGE disappointment. Out first clue should have been the broken down cars and farm equipment at the entrance. The “petting zoo” was a joke. The animals looked unkempt and the barn and fence where the animals were housed needed repairs. The office is run down and dirty. On our way to our campsite we had to pass cottages in complete disrepair and run down campers. I will have to admit that some of the sites (especially on the river) were quite nice. (Luckily for us the people hadn’t had a chance to ruin what nature had created) Everything in the place looked like it needed to be cleaned, repaired and/or updated. We didn’t dare try the ‘bathhouses’ since they looked like glorified outhouses with painted plywood for walls. On our way out (we checked out early) we passed a section of the CG that was being used as a landfill with scrap metal, tires etc thrown into a huge pile. Everything about this CG and facilities screamed “dumpy”. We would not recommend this CG and we will not go back……..
rating [ 3/10 ]
Sites were not level. Staff was unfriendly.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This was a very nice family CG. Lots of activities for the children. Sites were wooded and level. Quiet, clean and very friendly staff. Would definitely go back.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This place is one of the nicest places we have stayed all year. The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. We hadn’t realized that the CG didn’t accept credit cards and we were short on cash when we arrived but they allowed us to “come on in” and pay them “whenever we got the chance before we left”. The sites were level, gravel sites and they were very well maintained. There were trash barrels at each site that were emptied daily. The bathrooms were not new however they were very clean and well lit. We had a beautiful “waterfront” view site with tidal views. It was somewhat cold when we went so we didn’t take advantage of what appears to be a perfect spot for canoeing. One minor negative thought-As odd as it sounds we found that the picnic table seemed exceptionally narrow. My mother in law came to visit and she had difficulty sitting at the table because the seat (and the distance between the seat and table were very narrow) The rate was $40 per night plus a 10 percent AAA discount. I love the free daily newspaper. We cannot wait to go back next year
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