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rating [ 10/10 ]
This was a wonderful park, I cannot say enough good things about this park, the manger was so nice and helpful, the sites were extremely nice and clean, the bathhouse was cleaned and disinfected daily. The sunrises and sunsets were awesome! There's also a pier you can walk! By far one of the best parks we have stayed at if not the best!!
rating [ 1/10 ]
This was the worst park we have ever stayed at. The owner was very rude and inconsiderate, she didn't take responsibility for anything. The water is awful cannot use it for anything, the power is a huge joke. She has packed to many campers into this park and it can't handle it, the owner knew the power in our spot didn't not work and the mangers told us we could use the spot next to us power so we did and we had to leave the park for a few days came back and she had unhooked our power so another camper could park there, ruined all our food in freezer, burnt our air conditioner up because when she plugged it into the other box it sent a huge surge through our trailer. The owner said it was our fault and denied knowing anything about the power problem, the power lines are not up to code she is using some random man staying here to work on power. The swimming pool is also a huge joke stays green all the time, has dead frogs and spiders running in it. She also has false advertising, she has a sign up that says free shuttle to French quarter this is a lie, there is no shuttle but she continues to advertise it. The bath house is extremely nasty it only gets cleaned once a week and not very good then, the laundry is awful no air what so ever, the machines are dirty they are never cleaned you would do better going to a laundry mat. The water is not treated correctly and has an awful smell to it. They will also not refund your money if you come in and have to leave for an emergency or something your out that money, the owner does not care about anything except making money and she'll do whatever it takes to make it, including ruining your stuff. If your thinking about this park run for your life it is awful, and if you do stay here your probably going to want to find a doctor, it is not a clean, healthy park.
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