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rating [ 2/10 ]
Although this campground was clean and quiet, the obscure policies and unorganized reservation system ruined our Labor Day weekend. We traveled with eight other couples and when we arrived our sites were all changed from what we originally put deposits on. Everyone was moved around and members of our group were separated. People we did not know were placed amongst our group. We had camped here before but the owner was more concerned about putting new campers on the better sites rather than honoring the reservations of returning campers. Visitors are only allowed to stay until 9pm, so having your children visit for a evening campfire is a short visit. Different visitors are charged different rates for some unknown reason. Our daughter arrived at 8pm and they still charged her full day rate for the visit although she was only allowed in for one hour. Then at 9pm the owner came to our site to make sure all our visitors had left. This was rude and intrusive. This was the same owner who followed us to our site and inspected all our gear, apparently looking for outside firewood. There are no activities at all and no entertainment. This could be a very nice campground if the owners treated the weekend campers with respect and trust. We do not think we will return.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Although this campground is very close to our home, it has been a relative secret. After discovering a friend is an employee there we decided to give it a try and we are very glad we did. Upon arriving our check in went very smoothly and we we're personally guided to our site. Our escort even offered tips on maneuvering into the site. The bathrooms were alway clean and neat. The newspaper was in front of our door in the morning. The pond is small but very nice for a casual kayak paddle. Everyone was friendly, both staff and camper alike. We highly recommend this campground. We we make this a destination every year.
rating [ 7/10 ]
It was early season so the pool hadn't opened yet. But it looked well kept. They had just had a fire and lost their main building. The new one was being built and the office was nicely set up in a large trailer in the parking lot. We had a good time and would return again. The only bad thing is there is NO cell phone service at all.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice campground with a very nice staff and clean facilities. Not a lot of frills but they don't advertise a lot either. The river runs along the campground and is great for a short kayak trip. Enjoyed the campground very much. We will return.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Although this campground was very clean, and the staff was nice I felt like we were ripped off as we payed peak season prices for a campground that was understaffed and had no recreational facilities or activities at all. The rec hall, known as "The Lodge" never opened the entire week. Nor did the game room or the mini golf. They told us they wouldn't open until July. But they still charged us the full rate for what was a essentially parking spot. The showers near us were always cold, when we complained they gave us money back for the cold showers and told us they would be fixed. The next day they were still cold. They were never fixed so we had to use the showers across the campground. We will not return, we had to find entertainment away from the campground as we were traveling with a teenage son and we needed to keep him active. Very disappointing because their webpage made this campground sound great.
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