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rating [ 8/10 ]
This is the 5th year we have camped for the winter months. This year was by far the best as far as improvements in the park and over all maintenance. The new management was terrific and his staff was always friendly and helpful. The resort provides a recreational director over the fall/winter months. She arranges for a wide variety of activities for those staying in the park. Our main negative comment should be addressed to Encore (the parent company of SSK). We understand that the Keys is a very desirable area during the winter months, but as the resort is booked mainly by seniors in the winter, it would be extremely helpful to our finances if they could see fit to lower their long term rates. Also, the resort does not own the laundry facilities, but this is the one area we all complain about. Wish something could be done to improve the service of their equipment. Otherwise I would recommend this resort to anyone to stay at, for how ever long.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We are back for our 3 month stay over the winter. The park is under new management and what a difference from other years ~ trees are trimmed, roads repaired, areas repainted all so much better. The laundry room is even cleaner, but some of the machines still need better care. It would be nice if they could rake the sea grass on the beach area. But all in all this is a great place to stay for the winter. Congrats to the new management on cleaning up the park and removing many of the Cuban "compounds" meaning much of the mess and noise is now gone, too.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This has been a wonderful place for us to stay for over the wintertime: lots to do. But this is becoming a second home for all the Cubans that come for the weekends to their "shanty" style area. They not only set up their trailer, but have outdoor sofas, large tents, bright lights, outdoor plumbing, kids racing all over the streets and the beach areas in their golf carts with no regard to anyone else and of course very loud music day and night. They are allowed to ruin what has been a wonderful campground. Not sure it is worth the stay any more?? Forget coming in the summer, it just keeps getting worse! Something truly needs to be done about this situation before Encore looses all their snowbirds that are currently paying top dollar to stay here in the winter.
rating [ 9/10 ]
My husband and I have spent the past few winters in Sunshine Key RV Resort from January through April. This has been a fabulous experience, not only for us but for many other snowbirds than spend the winters in this park. They have made many improvements to the park this past year and are continuing to make other changes over the spring and summer. They always have wonderful activities planned for all those staying in the park. The staff is always very accommodating to our needs. Our only complaint is the laundry facilities that is leased to a private party. They do not always maintain their equipment as well as they should. If you are thinking about staying at the resort during the winter, we are sure you will enjoy your stay as much as the rest of the retired guests do. There is always families coming and going, so not just seniors stay here in the winter.
rating [ 4/10 ]
There is a lingering odor near the park. It always smelled like sewage, especially if the wind was blowing in your direction. No sewers in the park. Not the best park we have ever visited.
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