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rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice campground...we would go again!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Best Place to camp hands down! Perfect for young children! Clean and Friendly place to be!
rating [ 1/10 ]
We have stayed here a number of times, we liked it because it was close to home, people seemed friendly and the kids loved the river and there is a golf course that my husband could enjoy to practice, it is not a golf course for the golf lover more of a learning course. This year to our surprise things have drastically gone down hill and the warnings we had received (from previous seasonals)of the owner or front desk lady Brenda finally showed her true colors. Bathrooms have become scummy, showers freezing cold and brown, pool run down and grimy with a not so friendly young attendant to mandate the rules, outdated crafts and activities for children, always doing construction which i realize has to be done, but really on a busy long weekend?? they say they have wake bording? really? when? and not to mention the grass is so long that we borrowed one from a seasonal camper, oh and lots of Ticks! I was highly insulted on our last trip due to the fact that we had visitors come to our lot, camp for the day and decided to stay for the night, so needless to say we forgot to pay the fee right away we were caught up in the moment of camping bliss, to have the owner or whoever she claims to be at the time Brenda, drive over and call us out on the fee we were to pay 5.00! So we told her we would be over, she was very rude upon our arrival to the OFFICE and told us that we had snuck our friends in, over the bridge and told us that we were trying to pull the wool over her eyes and get away with not paying...Really over 5.00 and us being what we could see as the last of her weekend costumers because the campground is usually not to capacity by any means, and after yelling at my pregnant sister inlaw over her right to receive a military discount! needless to say it is a shame that we will not be back! Sorry Renfrew Customer Service again at its finest!
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