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rating [ 4/10 ]
Visiting friends in the area, so made reservations here because of their proximity and listed amenities. Their website is misleading and not true. Very close together sites with fire rings practically on top of you. Advertised "HEATED POOL" is only 79 degrees. Clerk said it's too cool at night to get it warmer. (Weather has been in the upper 80's for days and 60's at night). No activities. Very over-rated & over-priced for a so-called "RV RESORT."
rating [ 5/10 ]
Just like the previous comments, this park is quiet and secluded, and VERY dusty! Definitively not a place for those looking for a "glamp ground" experience. We chose it because it's so close to many great places to sight-see. Several beautiful lakes in the area, and the White Mountains & Mt. Washington. Mostly seasonal campers, who are not very friendly or bother to even say hello. We've seen many of the same people at the pool every day the past week and they pretty much ignored us. Skipped the fun looking tropical pool party and a dance because we feel like outsiders! First park in almost a year of full-time travel, we've not exchanged a single business card with other campers. Wi-fi up on the hill where we are is weak to non-existent most times. Management is working on this though. Doubt we'll stay here again, even though we plan to visit the area again in a couple of years. Sad, it's located in such a beautiful area!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Had a great stay here the last week of June and the first week in July. Smaller, but quaint park in gorgeous upstate MI. The latest owners sent a manager from their CA resort. Manager and her family, were very nice and we love her plans for the resort. The live entertainment was awesome, and we enjoyed dancing on the patio. The cook-outs, breakfasts and cocktail parties were a plus. I'd give it a 10 if the pool water was a bit warmer. Older folks need warm water for arthritic relief.
rating [ 1/10 ]
If you read any of my previous reviews, I probably sound like a chronic complainer. I'm not really, my husband and I have stayed at some great and not so great parks. This one is definitely a not do great experience. Been here since Monday and have no safe drinking water since we've been here. No one updates you unless you go down to the office yourself. Complaints and responses from the office range from blaming the state for too much chlorine in the water system, a blown filter in the park water system, and most recently that we'll need to change our coach filter every few days at our own expense, if the company in the next town even has any filters left! Wi-fi is sketchy even though we're only 50 feet from the tower. Cutting our week stay short, even though we can't get a refund. Beautiful area of Vermont, but not at all an RV friendly place!!!
rating [ 6/10 ]
Made reservations here for a week, because of the listed amenities. We are active adults & bike, play tennis & workout in the pool on a daily basis. Tried to play tennis, but kids had knocked a net post out of the pavement on one of the two courts, were playing on them with badminton racquets or using it with skateboards. We saw a family playing a version of volleyball on the tennis court. No security in sight to enforce the posted rules. The larger of the two pools was always filled to capacity with kids all day & evening. The kiddie pool was pretty much empty most times, but at only 3 feet deep so it's hard to work out. Biking was rarely possible because of the small kids playing in the roads. They have a DJ nightly, but the dance floor was packed with little kids jumping around. Definitely a family park & not for the 50+ age group.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Arrived on 12/1, and were assigned a so-called pull through site for our 37' motorhome w/tow vehicle. The road and site were so narrow, my husband had to pull over the patio and then back up to park in our site. Not an easy task because our site was between two older park models, and our neighbor was remodeling the interior of his very old trailer. His lot was filled with piles of debris, an open trailer full of junk & a golf cart, which was parked well into our site. Even though a "ranger" escorted us to our site, he seemed oblivious to the mounds of debris. New piles appeared every day, but few were ever hauled away. This man was so rude & noisy. His table saw was right under our bedroom window, and his door, which he let slam every time he went in & out, was next to the saw. He worked off and on from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Even though quiet time is from 11 pm. to 7 a.m, there were several nights he felt the need to go out to his car in the middle of the night, and of course, letting the door slam! We rarely make complaints, but by the 21st, we decided to go talk to the park manager, and ask for a refund. She was not in, but the clerk took our complaint and said she would be back in on the 26th, and would address our issues. In the mean time, a ranger was to check the site & speak to the man next door. Christmas day, the saw was going, the door was slamming, etc. We left on New Years Day, and never saw or heard from the manager! On January 3rd, a clerk from the office did call, to say the manager told her we couldn't have a refund, but said she did offer us a free week if we would like to come back! Sorry, but even though we are full-time Rvers, we won't be returning to Indian Creek, even for free! Also think we'll pass on any other Sun RV Resorts if this how they treat their customers.
rating [ 6/10 ]
As physically active full-timer RVers, I make winter reservations well in advance. In June (2012), when I searched for parks for the winter, I reviewed the site maps looking for parks with tennis courts, pools, fitness centers, and paved roads for biking, all of our daily activities. The site map for this resort showed 4 tennis courts four pools/ three bathhouses/laundry rooms, and a massive looking clubhouse. The list of amenities did say two tennis courts, four when completed, and a fitness center, when completed. One would assume that these things were under construction, since the map on their site clearly shows them as being there. When we arrived on January 1, 2013, we were given the same map that I saw online 6 months ago when I made our reservation. As soon as we went through the gate, the massive looking clubhouse that is pictured on the map is actually only 1/2 that size, so no fitness center, and no expansion under construction either. Behind the clubhouse pool, there are still only two tennis courts (the other two aren't even staked out). One section of the park that is on the map, isn't even there. It's just a wooden stockade fence with marshland behind it. Therefore, the pool, bathhouse & laundry room that are pictured in this section, aren't there either. The map online last June, and the one we were given on arrival are pretty misleading, an in my opinion, bordering on false advertising. Very disappointing considering how much we paid for the month!
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