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rating [ 10/10 ]
We arrived in early April and stayed until early June. This is a beautiful resort! The roads inside the park are all paved. No sand to get carried in on my doges feet. The have wonderful landscaping with brick pavers, sidewalks, uplit palm trees at night, etc. There are great views of the Santa Rosa Sound from every site in the park. They are still finishing park amenities so the WIFI isn't done, the gate is not in place yet, and dog walk area are not finished yet, etc., but my dogs can pee just fine without a sign telling them where to do it, and I carry my own WIFI systems with me anyway so those issues are really not issues to me. If the beach looks half as good when it's done as the rest of the park does now, it will be beautiful. And as far as the road noise the other reviewer complained about, if I was outside I could probably hear a semi go by, but I heard them from the other parks here in Navarre too because Hwy 98 is a "Scenic Highway" and if you have any thing between the highway and the water, it can't be more than a couple hundred feet from the highway. Besides, I sleep inside and heard no road noise from inside my coach. Rate reflects monthly off-season rate and electric is not included at that price. Even with the things that are not finished yet (only open about 60 days now) it is still the nicest park in Navarre area by a very long ways and I'm coming back here for the winter.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We have stayed here several times over last 4 years. First time for 1 week. Next time for a month. After that we've stayed for the winter. It's a great park. Staff and neighbors are very friendly and easy to get to know. Park is really well maintained and they plan lots of fun activities. Their pig roast is a real highlight of the winter. Manager and staff are super! (Rate reflects monthly divided by 30 days. Paid electric separately.)
rating [ 10/10 ]
Sites are huge, level, and easy to get into and out of. Everything works as it's supposed to. We travel with two boxers and this is the best RV park for dog owners that we have ever stayed in. Has a 1/2 acre fenced in dog play area with park benches for humans to sit on while their dogs play. We were so delighted with our overnight stay that we cancelled our reservations at our original destination and stayed here a week.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Best maintained KOA we have ever stayed in, and one of the closest RV parks to Northern Chicago burbs. Lehman's park is a couple miles closer to Chicago but it's creepy/dumpy. (Our rate reflects one month fee divided by 30 days and does not include our electric cost.)
rating [ 3/10 ]
We were quoted $45 per night over the phone and charged $58 per night when we got there 1 month later. Like many campgrounds they have a no early cancellation policy but this one has it with good reason because after we saw the site we would have left and stayed in a WalMart instead. They said they have WiFi, but it wouldn't reach the site we were rented, so no internet access. We have our own cell-phone-based system but use it only as last resort as it is slow. Speaking of site selection, we were on space #114. Next door to us on #113 was a campground employee with a really nasty looking site. He had spread out with laundry hanging out, rusty BBQ grill, was growing tomatoes on his site and had a junky old truck and an old Caddy that couldn't be driven due to bad brakes. The folks in space #115 thanked us for parking next to them and blocking their view! I could go on about the place but to be sure I won't be staying at the Miami-Everglades KOA again, it was a pit!
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