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rating [ 7/10 ]
Been here before. Still a decent park, but since Sun RV bought it, it's been lacking some of the quality it once had. I overheard that numbers are down this year like 30%. I've heard of people with incorrect reservations, charged incorrectly, problems with the "pool nazi", complaining that trash bins are always overflowing, or how the rules never enforced. While much of that is true, my only other suggestions would be shade at the pool. It's simply amazing to see the number of sun burned families there. A pool and park of this size has no excuse to have a pool with 4 or 5 six foot umbrellas that only two people can shade under. Other parks we've stayed at have Huge versions or sun shades. To make it worse, they often seem to be either staked out for the day, or reserved by the pool nazi herself - even when she isn't there. The other is the WiFi is deplorable. It's advertised, but is absolutely worthless. The connection is random, and the speeds are slower than a 3G smart phone. SUN RV, if you're listening, don't advertise what you don't have. I do want to clarify on some other posts. There is no garbage pickup, so if you were waiting for it, that's why it piled up in front of your coach. Also, the park is not 90% full timers. There are just over 100 this year I'm told. That's roughly a third. Overall we enjoy it here, and will stay there again. Hoping they make some improvements though considering the cost of a night.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great park right in the city, but doesn' t feel like it. We've stayed here before. We stayed there this time in our 41' toyhauler. Our site was easy enough to back into, however, my wife had to get on the roof to hold branches up for us to back in. Others complained of this as well while we were here. I see other reviewers had issues as well. The park needs to figure this out because I doubt we'll be back till they trim. It's not worth the risk of damage to the rig or the risk of injury. The park should consider their liability in those cases as well. In any event it's a great place to stay.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Nice RV Resort, but came up a little short of my expectations based on similar resorts not all that far away. The GOOD - Fully Landscaped, security roams, large kid friendly pool with adult hours, fantastic store on Muskegon River with pontoon and yearly boat slips rentals. Themed weekends for some entertainment. Family friendly. Golf Carts allowed (and there are plenty). THE BAD - 1) No place to park RV while checking in! Lot was full of "extra" vehicles. Not a good 1st impression. I blocked the entire parking lot. 2) Our concrete pad was un-level. In fact, many looked to be un-level after we looked around the next day. I didn't bring blocks because I figured every place I've been to at this price point has been level. Even if I had, we came in at 9:30pm, unhooked by 10pm before we noticed. Last thing I wanted to do, and neighbors too no doubt, was hook back up to level us. Really no excuse for that. 3) Hook ups at rear of coach and buried in creeping myrtle(?!). Make sure your cords are long enough. We BARELY made it on our 50amp cord. Water hooks up a little rickety, but works fine. 4) WiFi has a cost. The other resorts I've been to are free. At $50 a night (no coupons)...it should be free. Nee to get with the times and loose that dated policy for sure. 5) Check out was 1pm. A tad early considering 3pm check in, and they told us most folks check in around 8-9pm. Other parks are 2pm with same check in times. Not the end of the world. You can pay to stay longer if site is available. Ours wasn't. 5) A sticking point for me was simply the pool. Nice clean pool. Kids loved it. Family loved it. Adult hours are a great idea. However, on a special weekend like "Wet and Wild" designed around kids activities and getting wet all weekend (park was packed with kids btw), they should think about waving that policy for that particular weekend. At closing, the pool went from very busy, to virtually empty. Everyone had kids! Tons of bummed parents. Would I stay again? Probably, but considering Wet and Wild wasn't as special as other places we've been, I'm not sure we'd opt for it relative to a place just south of here. It has the same price, just as pretty, better themes, level pads, and seems a tad more polished overall. If you own a water toy though, this is the place for sure. Store is a wickedly well done idea and they're bottom line ($$) I understand shows it.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Main campground area is clean and family oriented. Wi-Fi only half worked. I couldn't connect to most of the towers in range, but ultimately found one that worked. No cable TV makes this pretty pricey at $46 a night ($43 plus $3 more for our 3rd child). Three pools include a kiddy pool outside, what I'll call an “everyone pool” outside, and a smaller indoor pool. There's a well stocked camp store, and small game room. There's a mini golf on site, but don't expect much. It's pretty rough, but the addition of the new bounce pillow made it all fun with the kids regardless. Campground seems to take reservations of any sized coach, but doesn't, and hasn't, put much thought into getting them into a site. We admittedly stayed here in a large 5th wheel, but it was extremely painful to negotiate the 8' wide narrow drives with a tree or a rock at every corner of the park: only 3' off the drives. We dragged going down the drives. Add to that newly planted trees on either side of the site drives, and it's really tough even for small trailers to get in and out. We arrived after hours, and couldn't get in our assigned site. We ended up moving to another spot in the park without permission, and we were never questioned about it while here. You could probably stay here for free without them knowing. Someone clearly hasn't thought much about getting into and out of this place with a truck and a trailer. There's a back lot area for tenting. We checked it out, and there are several dumping areas for misc junk and building materials. I have no idea what that is about, except a good home for critters. While the kids had a good time, we probably will not go back. It's simply too much money for what it is, and way way too tight even for small rigs. Move the trees back off the road Lake Monroe!
rating [ 8/10 ]
I stayed here for a second time this summer while visiting Muskegon's Michigan's Adventure Park. This is the main attraction to this location. It's right across the street. There isn't much else in terms of entertainment here, and the campground doesn't have events every weekend like other resorts we've stayed at for this kind of money. This is a two year old high end - family friendly - RV Resort that is fully paved throughout. It's large enough for our 41' Cyclone, with nice green grass between sites. Sites don't have many trees yet, but I understand they are working on adding them to the resort over time. Huge playground and sandbox are a hit with younger kids. The large clubhouse houses clean restrooms, and some arcade games. Large zero edge duck shaped pool with kiddie fountain has a separate area for older children as well Huge hot tub can fit 18 guests I bet. It's a gated resort for everyone's safety. The staff is very friendly. While not originally golf cart friendly, they are now. Wi-Fi worked well in all the locations we've stayed at. We will certainly stay here again, but wished they had more themed weekend events like many of the other resorts we've "camped" at.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Stayed here a couple times this summer. This is a high end - family friendly - RV Resort that is fully paved throughout. It's large enough for our 41' trailer (and larger), with nice green grass between sites. Sites don't have a lot of trees, but the entire resort is surrounded by woods. Large clubhouse on site with some arcade games, large screen TV, rent-able kitchen, and a library with computer. Large pool and large hot tub are fenced near the showers, bathrooms, and laundry building. There's also a commons building that houses the resort's weekend themes / events as well as a church service on Sunday. 277 sites spread out over many acres makes for decent sized sites. Golf cart friendly environment. Many lakes/ponds with fountains for fishing & paddle boating, but not swimming. Wi-Fi worked well in the locations we stayed. Rules say nothing older then 10 years old, but I saw a couple that were. Most RVs were very large motor homes, though. We will certainly stay here again.
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