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rating [ 4/10 ]
We stayed here many years ago in a cabin when our children were smaller and had a good time. We are now seasonal campers at a nearby campground and attempted to stop in and visit with relatives that were camping there. We stopped in Saturday night around 7PM intending to stay for about an hour, but never made it past the gate. They wanted $50 for us to come in as visitors. That's $15 per adult and $10 per child for 1 hour of using zero of their facilities. My husband almost paid by pulling out his debit card when he was then told CASH only... We had $30 on us which would have been the fee with $5 each returned upon our leaving but they still insisted we would have to go to the ATM for the full $50. We left never having stopped in to visit. That has to be the most insane visitors fee I have even encountered when entering a campground. If we were staying for the day that would be one thing, but for one hour in the evening no and no we will never go back.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Just spent the holiday weekend here and can't wait to go back. Nice super quiet "back to basics" family campground. No fancy resort-like amenities, just a nice quiet camping experience. Sites here are very spacious although not graveled so it can be a bit messy, just have to sweep up a bit more. We had a huge corner site with water, electric and cable. Not all sites have cable so you have to ask when making reservations. They also recently got wi-fi throughout the park. Swimming pond was super clean and nice and warm so we did do a lot of swimming. I actually prefer the pond to a pool. Bath houses are modern and very clean with pay showers at 25 cents per 7 minutes. Nice small game room for the kids and a recreation hall which also has an adult lounge which I never did check out. There is a laundry room but no snack bar, at least not at this time. Park is also on Bailey Pond so you can bring your own small boat, kayak or canoe or just rent one there. We found everyone super friendly here including the owners, seasonals, transients and well behaved kids and teens. Even had the Sunday paper delivered to our site free which was a nice touch. I rate this campground really high due to the friendly owners and other campers and the quietness of the park in general not to mention the nicely spacious sites. We already have reservations to go back and I can see Circle C quickly becoming our favorite place to camp. Dogs are also welcome as long as they are leashed and picked up after. There is a Turkey Farm nearby that has the most delicious home made ice cream and a bakery with cider donuts and pies. They also have hot dogs and sandwiches as well as jams, jellies, fresh eggs, etc. Worth a stop if you stay in the area.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Wow, I really have to wonder if the last reviewer is sure they are reviewing the right campground. Previous reviewer states only kids were working here on Halloween weekend. This is totally in no way true. This campground is family owned by a couple with teenager/adult children. The owners are here 24/7. Do their teenaged kids help out? YES, it's a family business. We camped here many times in 2007 including the Halloween weekend mentioned. We feel it's a very safe place for our children and it's one of the reasons we keep going back. This campground is very well run, and troublemakers, including seasonals, are kicked out and not allowed back. The owner runs a very tight ship here, and rule breaking is not tolerated. If the below camper had a problem with seeing 1 or 2 people drinking at the dance then he should have reported it to the owner who would have taken care of things immediately. I have never seen the outward drinking that is mentioned in the previous review. We find Salem Farms to be a great family campground that's quiet, well run and with pleasant seasonals. We'll be returning many times this year, and are looking forward to it.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I little sigh as I rate this campground. We just spend the Halloween themed weekend here. We arrived Friday with light showers with hopes of setting up before the downpour that was expected. This place really needs to work on their roads and alot of their sites. What a muddy mess. Backing into our site, we had a huge puddle/lake about 4 inches deep that did not go away until late Sunday after two days of dry, breezy, sunny weather. a lot of the roads have big pot holes that fill with water. Secondly, I'm not really sure what was up with the $150 site fee for the weekend for water, electric and grey water. I had last years brochure when I made the reservation and last year it was $90 so the $60 hike in the site fee was just ridiculous. There was nothing included that made camping there worth the fee. Also, while waiting in line for the haunted house, another camper told us that when he was quoted $160 for the weekend and he said it was too high, they offered to take off $50 if he signed up for their email club. That offer wasn't made to us. The pool was closed for the season. Many sites were empty which I would guess was because the smart people that didn't want their wallets picked went somewhere else for alot cheaper. Water pressure on our site was really, really low so after I took my shower in our trailer which was literally just drips, my husband headed off to the bath house to find that someone had damaged the mens rooms so the bath house in our area was closed. He just opted to wait until we got home. We didn't stay the full day on Sunday. It was a beautiful weather day but our site was inundated with bees and lady bugs for some reason, even with NO food out at all. There was so many you couldn't tell what was flying at you and everytime you opened the trailer door they were flying in. This was freaking out the kids and the dog so we just decided to pack up and get out. Overall the kids had a decent time with trick or treating and the hayride but we wouldn't rush back here. Too expensive and nothing special.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We've stayed here multiple times this summer and have had a great time on every visit. Transient sites are all grouped in one area are nicely sized and mostly level and include water, electric and greywater hookups. If your electrical cord isn't long enough you can borrow one in the office, you just need to leave a valid credit card number to encourage you to bring it back. You can get a pump out on site or use the dump station when leaving. Sites are gravel and most have nice shade with some sun. We've been there with heavy rain and there's no water pooling. Each site has a fire ring and garbage and recycling cans which is really nice. Plenty of activities to keep the kids busy. The front pool is for young children with parents and the back pool is for the older crowd. Snack bar in the evenings and breakfast on weekend mornings were really good and reasonably priced. This is a very dog friendly campground and there's lots of them there. Everyone seems to pick up after their dogs and I never saw any messes. Quiet hours are officially till 8AM, however, unofficially it's 9 and it's really nice not to be woken up at the crack of dawn by screaming kids. This is by far one of my favorite campgrounds, it's family run and the seasonals are all really friendly. We will return here often.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We just spent a weekend at Hidden Acres and had a great time. We really liked the country type, back to basics feel of the campground buildings. It reminded us a lot of another campground we like in Maine. Kids (9 & 11) enjoyed the activities. Craft shack has ceramics to paint that were reasonably priced. Hay rides daily, and firetruck rides when it's running. Petting zoo and loose peacocks and peahens. I have to say I have never seen soooo many kids at a campground before. Tons of kids and bikes and all were looking happy. We had a sewer site which was great and were pleasantly surprised to find a concrete patio pad which was nice since the campground is all dirt and was a little dusty due to the dry weather. The pool is really too small for the size of the campground so it's really busy on a hot day but it's kept very clean. They could really use a second pool. We spent time down at the river one day because the pool was really too crowded. The kids, husband and dog really enjoyed the river but bring water shoes as there is alot of slippery rocks. They were having a pulled pork dinner the weekend that we were here and we were really glad that we signed up. The food was FANTASTIC! The snack shack seemed to be open all the time, we had lunch, one breakfast and ice creams here. Prices were reasonable and the food was excellent. Our only complaint is our site was a little small (#88). The map shows what looks like a path behind the site but it's actually a road and while it looks far away on the map, our camper literally had only two feet between it and the road. Our trailer is a hybrid that is 27 feet open. Also, we had a tent set up on the second night on the site behind us that with all the space on their site they put three feet from us and their loud kids woke us up at 6:45 AM!! Had to unzip and yell that quiet hours were till 8:00. We also had people walking through our site which I consider to be pretty rude so my husband moved the truck to block them from doing it anymore. Overall, we really liked this campground and the kids are already asking to go back. We will definitely go back again, but would choose a different campsite.
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