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rating [ 7/10 ]
First, the rate reflects a monthly rate of $600. We stayed here for 2 months. It gets really crowded here and the biggest problem is the parking. You have to park your car/truck in front of your camper and it sticks out into the street. A lot of people had to move their cars to allow for others to back into their site. The next big problem is the internet. There is a "house" size router and only 15 people at a time can use the internet. With 125 sites you can see the problems that arise. Its not good at all. Also, although the bathrooms are very nice, there is not air or ventilation in them at all. You can't breath in there in the summer. And finally: the club house is the size of a living room in a house. No activities at all except a small weekend band. Last, this the most expensive park in the Maggie Valley area. If you don't mind the things I mentioned: Have at it.
rating [ 4/10 ]
First of all, the owner is miserable. I think its time they retire. There are several really dumpy looking trailers here with things just laying all over the place. There are 7 TV channels and they are all news except ESPN. Alot of the sites were really old looking and for this time of the year, the place was half empty. That tells me alot because other parks in the area where full. Restrooms were clean, and there is a laundry that was OK. They say they have a store, but its empty. Place is old and needs to be updated.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This park is very strange. From the way they park you nose to tail to the zoo on the property. We tried to make a reservation for the season, and they would not take it!! They only take a reservation for 1 week in advance. So, if you want to stay for the winter you have to take your chances I guess. The lady at the desk even said the policy is strange, but that's how it works. Good for an overnight, or if you have kids that like animals. Staying longer is not possible because they wont let you!!! HMMM??
rating [ 7/10 ]
This park is nice enough, but the never ending train whistle will drive you crazy!! Also, it sits right on RT.301 so the traffic noise is always present. The staff constantly drives up and down the roads with golf carts and Its like watching a Nascar race at times!! They never stop with these things. Also, there is a problem here with security. We had police here on Easter Sunday for a disturbance and also had a police chase in the park as they caught a person camping here and put him on the ground in cuffs!! It was like watching the t.v. show cops!! This park is good for an overnight stop while passing through, but to stay here long term would drive you nuts.
rating [ 9/10 ]
After leaving a real bad campground down the road a ways, we pulled in here, dead tired and in need of a place to go. The people in the office were just wonderful. They treated us like family and we had never met them before!! They helped us out and gave us a very nice private site. They even told us a good place to eat!! We liked it so much we booked it for the season!! Would highly recommend this campground. It has 72 cable TV channels, good strong Wi-Fi and very good people!!
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