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rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a gorgeous campground! We only wish that we lived closer so that we could camp here more often. The mosquito issue cited by earlier reviews was only a temporary phenomenon caused by residue from last year's flooding in NY and a mild winter. Thus an early summer problem. But there is not a problem now. I really mind mosquito so almost did not stay here but decided to give it a try on a trip to a nearby shrine. We are so glad we did as we have full hookups and cable and a beautiful view of the Mohawk River as well as a gentle breeze as I write this outside. Many trees but not too many. Very kind owners and friendly seasonals. You would not know the seasonal sites are there as there is NO JUNK anywhere. I highly recommend this place and will return.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We visited this park to decide whether to camp here later on when we visit Washington, DC, but we have not yet actually camped here. However, I wanted to correct the previous review as Cherry Hill does have Cable, and potential campers would be turned away by that mistake in the posting. This is a very lovely park and deserves all of the 10's it has received. I am not connected with the park in anyway, just felt bad about the Cable mistake as we try to avoid parks without cable ourselves.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here as part of an RV rally so I do not know the rate we paid. Our cost for three days was all-inclusive, but I am guessing that our host probably paid about $34 per site for full hookups. This campground was one that we definitely will return to. Although it is quite basic in facilities, it was in a lovely location and within walking distance of many restaurants and shops. The owners were very friendly and accommodating. We will return on our own later this summer. The campground is quiet and relaxing but also allows for easy access to the charming town of Intercourse in the very heart of the Amish heartland.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We have just returned from our first visit to this campground/resort. How anyone could give this place anything but the very highest rating is beyond our comprehension. It was, by far, the nicest campground that we have ever stayed at, and we have been camping from more than 30 years. It is a resort, but not the commercialized type that parks one RV next to another in a row. The sites are large, shaded, private and incredibly well designed. The swimming pools were beautiful, and there was a very nice spa. This is THE place for young families although we are older. Kids seem to love it there. We are older folks but took great pleasure in watching the happy young families. There is a wonderful eatery where you can get breakfast for $3 to $5. Hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, ice cream cones are all very reasonably priced. The grounds are magnificent and well groomed. We can vouch for the fact that the photos on their website are true to life; it really is that pretty! We will go back to this campground every chance we get. We can't say enough for the grounds, the sites and especially the staff. Other campgrounds pale in comparison with this. Go there.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This park was not bad, but also not one that I am likely to return to. The wi-f reception was pretty bad, and the cell reception not the best although I was able to make and receive calls most of the time. The campground staff people were very nice and very helpful, and everything we used was clean. However, I returned home with about 25 mosquito bites incurred while sitting around our campfire. They have a small pond covered with a kind of film so it was not too appealing. It is also not terribly convenient to Washington, DC, more than an hour away by car.
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