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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is our favorite RV spot! We even own a RV resort site and like this park better only because it has a lot of woods and shrub. The park is very well maintained and has an excellent crew running operations. It is state owned so though it needs to make a profit, that is not the sole motive here. If you have a big rig, try to get back into the 100 loop in back, which should be reserved for the larger rigs anyway, but it is definitely the nicest area of the park. If you are heading out to Destin, this is the place to stay. It has it's own beach, nice pool, though it needs either a 2nd pool or a larger pool, it's way too small: my only complaint!
rating [ 5/10 ]
My wife and I have stayed here numerous times, but for some reason, I wasn't impressed with this last stay. Likely the incredible amount of rain and the love bugs, which the campground cannot control. The old guy running around on the golf cart bitching at my friend and I that we were doing 10mph and the speed limit is 5mph, when I can point to the sign that says 10mph, was a bit irritating. Later, my friend has three dogs outside his RV in a dog pen, all small well behaved, but when he stepped in to get a drink for maybe 5 minutes, he suddenly gets a phone call that he dogs cannot be unattended? I bet it was that guy in the golf cart. My biggest complaint is that this part has an absolutely terrible problem with ants! They offer you a bag of ant killer at the front desk, but they should be spraying the grounds for the ants and mosquitoes, which they don't, and the grass upkeep has gone downhill as well. There are too many other nice RV locations opening up so they need to improve their on-site housekeeping!!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Honestly, we didn't stay there: we bought there! I think that's a step up. This Resort is beautiful. It is immaculate. All of the grounds are spotless and very well maintained, as is the resort. Granted, there is not as much shrubs and trees as I would have liked, but it is a brand new resort and that will come with time. I found the staff extremely friendly on all levels, so much, that we decided to buy a spot towards the back in Phase I. Phase II is about to start shortly!
rating [ 6/10 ]
This RV Park is absolutely immaculate and extremely well maintained. My only complaint, and again, I only could find one complaint, is that the sites are simply too tight with not as much privacy between the sites as I'd like. I came here instead of TopSail in Destin and though I enjoyed myself, I will not return because of what I feel is the lack of privacy.
rating [ 10/10 ]
My second visit here with my wife, two dogs and a 42' Allegro Bus. It's easy to bring the coach in and back into the slip. The park is immaculate and the people here are not only very pleasant, but they take a lot of pride in the RV park. Having been to a couple other nearby parks and now TopSail twice, TopSail will be our #1 choice.
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