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rating [ 9/10 ]
I'd say without a doubt that this was one of the neatest campgrounds we've ever stayed at! They have nightly entertainment at the main pool (including dancing) which my kids LOVED! They have 4 or five pools. At the main pavilion, they offered occasional karake as well as BINGO nightly. The beach area parking lot that the campground owns, is nice because it's free to park there, but you have to get there at a reasonable time or the lot is full. We managed to find a spot each time but on the weekends, the lot(s) are PACKED! The bathhouses are not really all that clean but it's a large campground so I'm sure it's hard to keep them clean all the time. I've been in some pretty horrible bathhouses and campared to them, I'd give the cleanliness of the ones there at 7 out of 10. They pick up your trash for you so you don't need to constantly be running to the dumpsters. Our site was site 519 and it was 39 x 60 feet. I'd recommend asking for that site. It was somewhat more private than many of them. However, if you want to spend the money, the supersites looked fabulous! The jets flying overhead were at times a bit loud, but we LOVED to see them flying. The sound is just something you deal with to see something that neat! Grocery stores are fairly close as well as many great restaurants if you choose to eat out. I'd highly recommend this campground as well as Virginia Beach!
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was the nicest campground my family has ever been to. We stayed at a riverbank site. We went in mid-May, opening weekend for the campground. Everything was perfect. The staff was really nice and the bath houses were really clean. They do close them at an odd time in the morning, but the girl cleaning the bath house was nice enough to let my daughter use the bathroom instead of telling her to go to the other bathhouse. The one by the riverbank sites was newer and very nice, the other one was also nice, but not quite as updated. The playground equipment was nice. The pool was not opened yet so I cannot give a review on it, but it looked nice. There is a large chess/checkers game that our family played with the one day. You can rent canoes/kayaks/rafts at the campground and they will transport you up or down river. We did not rent them because we have a baby, but look forward to one day doing so. The only thing I would change about this campground is that you cannot choose your site. You can suggest one, but they will not guarantee that it is yours. If you choose a riverbank site, however, you will get one, you just cannot pick that one you want. Overall, this was a beautiful campground and we will be returning someday... probably in the summer sometime.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The people at the front desk were very nice and helpful. The camp store had a lot of great camping items including food, candy, ice cream, tools for camping, etc. Our site was near the main bath house and pavilion. The bath house was clean and the showers were warm and had a lot of water pressure. There is another bath house on the campground. Once on a walk around the campground, we stopped to look inside. It was horrible. Dark, dirty, and stinky. If you can, request a site close to the main bath house. The picnic tables weren't very nice either. The benches were very narrow and far back from the table. My 5-year old could not reach the table. The one night, they provided entertainment. The entertainment was loud and obnoxious, and went pretty late. From what I understand, they do it only on holiday weekends. I think it was about 11 p.m. until they stopped playing and singing. The campground had a lot of seasonal campers and there were a lot of children there who were not watched by their parents. They were just running wild through the campground. Overall, the experience was nice. We went to the beach on Long Beach Island and enjoyed our time away from the campground very much. Not sure if we would go back again. There is another campground nearby that we drove through that we would probably try out and compare for our next trip to the area.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We camped here off-season in the beginning of June. The campground was pretty empty which made it very enjoyable. The restrooms had lots of mold and were rarely clean. The bathroom stalls were not nice at all. If you were to be sitting on the toilet, the stall door was against your knees (and I am not very tall). The restrooms were my biggest complaint. The pool was clean and the camp store was nice. The beach in nearby Avalon is beautiful. You do have to drive a bit to get to it. We camped here with 2 kids and a baby.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We have camped at this campground numerous times and always make plans to come back the following year. I'd recommend asking for a site near the upper bath house. Those sites are larger. If you are at the bottom of the campground (closest to the entrance), the sites are very small and piled together. The lower bath house is nicer because it has private changing rooms, but it's also the one that has the most people in it so during peak season, you will be waiting in line. This campground does not have electricity but it does have water hook up. The bike trails are great as well as the look-out points. You can get to the beach from the bike trails or park in the parking lot nearby with your car. I'd recommend this campground, especially for families and tents.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This was our first time to this campground. The nightly rate listed above was their off season rate. It was very empty which made our stay even more enjoyable. They have very good security. The bathhouses were clean but you have to pay 25 cents for a 7 minute shower so don't forget your quarters. They have a nice store there where you can buy the things you forgot and ACME is right down the road if you need something they don't have. The owners and employees were VERY friendly in person and also on the telephone. The pools were great! I would definitely camp here again!!!
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