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rating [ 9/10 ]
For the price and convenience, you get what you pay for. The campground is small, but clean. There are few sites with nice views of the golf course, but we weren't camping here for the Andrews experience. We were camping here for a low cost and secure way of visiting places in DC. Staff was helpful finding the best route in and back out of town. Commissary and BX are a short drive away. We will definitely stay here again on future trips to the area.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We recently stayed at Drummerboy and have mixed views. We arrived about 1pm on our reserved day and had to pay a $10 fee on top as an "early arrival" fee. After already paying $60 per day? I've never had a $200 per night hotel charge me for arriving 2 hours early. Once we got to our site, it was apparent that there were 30-40 sites open, so we certainly weren't kicking anyone out early. You have to pay a daily fee for Wi-Fi even though that isn't mentioned until you arrive. We didn't use the pools or mini-golf, although there was a sign that said you had to purchase wristbands to use the pool. Again, I compare this to expensive hotels that do not charge guests for access to pools. Bathrooms/showers are big and clean, so that's a positive point. This is a very big campground. (Our site was #320; I think there are 370 current sites.), and you are pretty much parked on top of each other. The place is so big that most people think you need a golf cart to get from one end of the place to another. Anyone hear of walking when you are out "camping"? The deluge of golf carts lead to a near bumper car situation when trying to leave the campground due to the numerous number of kids out "cruising" in golf carts. The noise level from nearby Highway 15 drove us mad. We asked for something that was as far away from 15 as possible, and we still heard every vehicle that passed by. The reservationist was fairly rude when I asked her about refunds/cancellations. She said the full amount was to be charged at the reservation time, and I inquired about a refund if we found we didn't like the place after arriving. She scoffed and said, NO refunds after arriving. If the park is confident of their facility, why would they be worried about locking down an unhappy camper at the peak of the season? Other places nearby had cheaper prices, but we went with this campground based on previous overly cheerful (and now suspicious) ratings. If you are going to spend more time downtown and in the national park and not a lot of time scrunched up with your neighbors and dodging golf carts, then it is not too bad, but if you are looking for a relaxing "camping" experience, this Wal-mart sized campground is not it. Forgot to mention that Drummerboy is indeed going Wal-mart with some gigantic "log cabins" being wheeled in while we were there. 30 foot behemoths with fake looking "logs" slapped on the side, all dragged in on their own tandem wheeled trailer. I don't know if the tandem wheels will be removed or just covered up with more "wood." Definitely more shabby than chic and bound to tip the experience even more towards Wal-mart parking lots than anything resembling camping.
rating [ 10/10 ]
No hookups, but who cares. This place is awesome anytime of year. We've camped here in the spring, summer, and fall and are never disappointed no matter the weather. Reservations are easy online but usually some spots available b/c of no-shows. Can not recommend this place enough. (Also Big Meadows is just as awesome!)
rating [ 10/10 ]
Great campground. Very nice hiking/biking trails. Beautiful views from Lake. We live nearby and mostly use this place as a day hike/bike and picnic location. Highly recommended as an option to staying at a Williamsburg campground.
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