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rating [ 8/10 ]
Stayed here when it was not still summer but yet not winter. We were still able to spend time in the pool. Loved the pool area. It was a great place to relax and have a wonderful weekend. The guys played golf and said what a great time was had. Will be going back again. The laundry was a nice facility and bath house was clean and a pretty good size.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We stayed here with another family member for the weekend of Thanksgiving. Very nice campground; we stayed in the South camping section and this was nicer that what we passed through on the north side. Down sides of this park is the restrooms are very old and need a lot of updating. In the womens' there were no locks on the stalls or in the shower stalls. In the men's there were only 1 large open shower with 2 shower heads. Not very nice at all. The only problem that we encountered was that there were kids from 2 other campsites that were having some type of bathroom wars with the toilet paper; and this over the weekend got out of hand. But in regards to that the rangers and the Campground host did address with the families of these kids. If you are looking for laundry facilities good luck, it was a holiday weekend and everything in the town was closed; there are no laundromats or anything in the town of Ville Platte and the only one in the campground was always occupied by people. There is only one in the ENTIRE campground and that is in the north side and we are talking miles away from where we were to get there. If you are traveling in a large home, I would ask the rangers what sites to use on the south side that don't have all the up and down hills that we had on the sites we stayed at. We did ride down to the cabins and there were just beautiful. But overall this was a good campground and we will be back.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice campground. This is a city / parish owned campground. Some of the sites are kind of close but overall a nice place to stay. Only down side is that the only swimming is in the lake. They do not have any pool. Really nice campground; bathrooms are clean but older could use some changes there. But for the price it is a pretty good deal. Other issue is that they do have trees on some of the sites but not all. The spots that are lakeside have NO trees and during the summer this is very hot in the after lunch hours to early afternoon. We will go back, for the price and location this is a good deal.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Even though this park is brand new it is just awesome! We stayed her for 3 nights and could not have asked for more. We went to the beach and just went up to the front desk and was dropped off and picked up by the owners. Breakfast is included in your price and is just great, homemade waffles each morning. With these owners you could just not ask for more. The pool is just beautiful, and the bathrooms are only described as HUGE and absolutely clean. The owners were so nice and helpful about anything and everything. This is the best campground found on Galveston Island. We rode around looking at the other parks in the area after we checked into our park and were so glad that had check this site and changed our reservations from another park on the island. There is nothing more that you could ask for with this park. There is allot of new construction going on but does not affect anything with your stay. When we stayed here they had only opened with in the month. We recommend to any one and everyone, and will go back next summer and only stay here.
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