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rating [ 10/10 ]
We have stayed at this campground for the past two winters. The campground is now under new management and the owners are doing much needed upgrades. Close to three rivers leading to the Gulf of Mexico. The fresh spring fed rivers are home to the manatees during the winter months, and there are many local businesses catering to the visitors.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We had problems with our RV and could not get it in for repairs until 2 PM. We talked to the office and they said we could stay on our site until pulling off to get the RV fixed, with no additional charge. We have stayed here on numerous other occasions and found it to be a quiet location, even though it is just off Highway 34 on the east end of Greeley.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Management very friendly and helpful. WiFi has just been installed; $5 per day, $15 per week or $20 per month. The road traffic and train could be a problem for some, but we are used to traffic noise. The train passes through several time per week, but it is a constant rumble; and the whistle can be barely heard as it enters the town of Bouse @ 1 mile away. For 4-wheelers, access is direct from the RV park into the desert, and if properly equipped and tagged they can be ridden into town on the roads, but not the highway. The town of Bouse and the RV Park have many activities to keep everyone busy. Jam Session every Wednesday at 12:30 PM; people from all over the area come to perform and listen; everyone has a good time. The park at this time is full, so I guess there are others who feel this park has what they need.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We stayed in this park Feb-March and put up with the noise from permanent residents. We left our RV in storage for the summer and were notified prior to our return in November, that it had been broken into and ransacked. We had left no valuables or identity information in the RV; so we were extremely lucky. When we arrived in November we noted that a pry bar had been used to open the door, cabinets and bedding had been searched. We decided we were extremely lucky that nothing of value was here to be stolen. Things went pretty good until Thanksgiving, then after three nights of being kept awake until 3 AM by the full time residents, we reported to the management and were told it doesn't do any good to tell them to stop. Since this park is on the Colorado River Indian Tribe Reservation, they have control over all matters legal or otherwise that goes on at the RV park. They also have a problem with their sewer system, sitting outside is not advised if the wind is in the wrong direction. So, we moved out as fast as we could find another RV Park that didn't have permanent residents. We do not recommend this park under any circumstances.
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