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rating [ 9/10 ]
Nice place. Don't come here if you are looking for shade. Nice large paved spots, with covered picnic tables. We were here in November, and here is a news flash: they named the town Hurricane for a very good reason. We stayed about a week and a half, and the wind was calm only a couple of days. Did I mention it was windy? You could not set anything anywhere outside without it blowing away. Before we left I actually took off two of my slide topper awnings, because they made so much noise in the wind. I tried putting bags of water on top, but they blew away. The other side of the lake was loaded with sand toys, but our side of the lake the noise was not bad at all. When you pick a space, make sure you get the ones on the right side of the roadway. All of the ones on the left put your door right on the road. I can't imagine what they were thinking when they designed the spaces. My guess is the engineer never saw an RV. Still it's a very nice facility, I'd go back again, but perhaps in a bit warmer weather.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This is a big, busy, noisy place. There is the freeway just a few yards away, the big jets going over at all hours and since it's such a big place, there are noisy diesels going by constantly. The park does have a nice clubhouse and pool area. The dog runs reek of urine, but there were several to choose from, and they did provide bags. Our concrete pad was in such bad shape it was dangerous to walk across. The grass area was in equally bad shape, it had ankle twisting holes hidden in the grass. It might get a 10 for the number of amenities, but it gets a 3 for maintenance. Too big and noisy for us. We will not return.
rating [ 6/10 ]
It is a beautiful setting, only spoiled by the dust from the gravel interior roads, campfire smoke, and the noise of out of control kids crawling over every square inch of this park. If people would actually drive the speed limit, and watch their kids and dogs, this place would be a 10.
rating [ 8/10 ]
If the sites were a little bigger, and if the pet run was finished (they were still building it when we were there) I would have given the place a 10. The staff was "stupid friendly", I mean that in a good way. The place was clean everywhere we looked. Nice concrete parking pads, although they were a bit small. We were able to fit a 36 ft 3-slide 5th wheel in ok. Not a dog excrement to be found. Walking to the beach is a bit of a project, you have to take your life in your hands to run across 101, then down a side street, then down a nosebleed stairway. We found it simpler to just drive. Note to owner, combine a couple of those little back to back spaces in the upper section, to make a couple of large pull-thrus. Then charge more, they'll be full every night.
rating [ 5/10 ]
If you like kids, smoke, and wading thru dog poo in the pet walk, this is the place for you. The first hour we were here our dog was charged twice by aggressive dogs running around off leash. Too bad, this is a nice property, but in my mind it's ruined by the actions of the inconsiderate slobs that seem to have the run of the place. There are a reasonable set of rules in place, but they don't seem to have anyone capable of enforcing them. Quiet time is 10p-8a, if you don't count the 1am fireworks. There are literately hundred of piles of dog dropping in the dog walk area. I gave it a 5, the property is a 7-8, but people bring it down.
rating [ 3/10 ]
What a pit. All the reviews we read were outstanding. The maintenance man must have taken the last couple of years off. This is the first place we have paid for and left early. Sprinklers were broken. They watered our rig each night. Couldn't get in your truck without walking threw 4 inch deep mud. Grass was un-kept. Some scary fulltimers, looked like they lived here fulltime.
rating [ 10/10 ]
All concrete roads and spaces. The hosts are great. Very likely the best State Park in Arizona. Fires are allowed so smoke can be an issue, but most spaces are quite nicely spaced.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The hosts were great. 30 amp electric service a bit weak. About half of the people picked up after their dogs in the very convenient dog walk. A few of the sites are quite large, but most are a little close. "Lake" is a bit overstated. The grounds are more what you would expect in a Forest Service campground, rather than a RV park, somewhat rustic.
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