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rating [ 4/10 ]
I've stayed in this park every year for the last 5 years as I travel from Southern Utah to Oregon. I always felt good in the park but this year it's a KOA and it has changed and not for the best! It feels unsafe. There are a bunch of sloppily dressed guys working around the pads. When I arrived I couldn't get parked in my site because one of these fellows pulled a small "steam roller" in front of me and then came over to tell me he just ran out of gas. After they got a gas can I was able to park. Two of the workers got into a verbal fight right next to my RV within 5 minutes of my arrival. Right now I'm worried about whether I need to chain my bike to it's rack and lock it overnight. I've always told my friends this was a great park but today I'm just not feeling good about being here. For the price this park is definitely not worth nearly fifty bucks a night.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I normally stay at another RV park in Hurricane, UT, but it was full so I checked out this nearby park which is owned by the same company. It's an older park, but I was surprised how nice it was being so close to Interstate 15. You can't hear the freeway! There are mourning doves throughout the park which is pretty much all you hear with the exception of a car driving by. A delightful, quiet park with shade trees everywhere. The trees prevented me using the DirecTV on my motor home, but the park cable was excellent. Nice little grass dog park, too! Leash required. The managers are helpful and gracious.
rating [ 6/10 ]
I paid for a one month stay at 420/mo. I left two weeks early due to the constant train noise throughout the night. In all fairness most folks dealt with the train horns without complaint. The park itself is very nice and the amenities are wonderful. The on site astronomical observatory was the reason I stayed and it was great having the nightly observation sessions. Bottom line though was my need for a peaceful nights sleep so I left for a more quiet park in the Benson area.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a very clean and nicely laid out place to stay. There aren't a lot of trees nor is there a pool. The sites are mostly large and well spaced with lawn in between the concrete pads. Being in busy air traffic corridor to Portland International Airport you can expect to hear lots of aircraft noise. The Oregon National Guard makes the ground shake when they take off daily. I spent 3 years in this park while working in Portland. I should add I like the sound of jets and the air traffic is not bad at night.
rating [ 2/10 ]
In all fairness I have to state we couldn't stay at this park. We had made reservations for three motor homes 2 weeks before we arrived. When we checked in they said our reservations were never recorded so we were out of luck unless they could squeeze us in. The sites were so small I'm not sure we could have fit. We had 40',38' and a 27' RVs in our caravan. We ended up dry camping a Camping World for 2 days.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a very nice park which has and is still being updated and landscaped. There are many permanent tenants but everyone seems to keep their lots looking good. Big rigs with satellite dish connectivity will have to choose the treeless sites since the trees completely cover many of the sites. Family's were welcomed into the park even though it claims to be an Adult Park. I stayed a week so the rate of 25 dollars a night is based on the weekly rate. I would stay here again for sure. Nice Folks!
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