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rating [ 8/10 ]
Now I remember why I love State Parks. The combination of rate ($21/night) plus very spacious sites and tree cover! This park is awesome. We do a lot of KOA, Jellystone, RV resort type camping. We'll be back here as often as we can. A short drive from Houston and feels like a different part of the country. Beautiful lake, hiking trails, etc. The park is pet friendly. The rangers are laid back (virtually non-existent) and the campers were all seemingly very respectful of each other. If I have to "ding" the park it would be that the bathhouse close to us, while clean and functional was not very spacious, the water pressure was (significantly) lacking and there was no soap at the sink (not just an empty dispenser but no soap). Also the sites were black top and are fairly sloped at the edges making the positioning of the RV somewhat a challenge. But back to the good, this is the only SP I've ever camped in where they actually allow / encourage you to forage for down trees to burn as firewood. There is actually an inordinate amount of down trees which is somewhat puzzling but makes for a nice (free) week-end of constant fires. If you come, visit the faith stables for a horseride and steak dinner. It's nose to tail riding but great for the kids and the dinner was fantastic.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice campground. Sites are spaced well. Full gravel. Easy access utilities. Guided to our site after hours on the Friday of Memorial Day week-end. Surprisingly the park was not full. Low key, friendly staff. Didn't feel like we were being monitored like some parks do. Pet friendly. Easy access to Austin.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Simply one of the best campgrounds that I've ever been to. The view was spectacular. The grounds were immaculate. The premium sites are level and concrete. A little bit salty on the price but frankly well worth it. We were in town for a soccer tournament and had our three daughters plus friends. There isn't a lot of kid friendly activities or play ground activities so they actually have to explore the outdoors which I think is or used to be part of camping. Highly recommended!
rating [ 7/10 ]
Park was a 10 for cleanliness, friendliness, and "leave you alone-ness". Really was everything I look for there. My issues was that it is a gravel parking lot (well kept but just a parking lot) with very limited grass, no real character and no trees. I struggle to give negative feedback because it is of no doing from the owners but rather not the type of camp ground I personally look for. I wish I'd had that visibility prior to booking. We did have direct access to the country roads we used for a great bike ride through the Cherokee National Forest so that again was positive for this park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
What a great find. Looking for a nice park in the Greer / Spartanburg SC area while in town for my daughters soccer. Owner was great. I asked about a late check out and he was completely open to the idea. Surprised me when I got here and found out that the park is about 90% full. He'd have been well within reason to push back on late Sunday checkout. Park is very well maintained, paved roads, very nice concrete patios. I've found smaller private grounds to be hit and miss over the years. This park is outstanding. Only draw back (I feel guilty saying it) is no cable. Pulled in at about 10:00 on a Friday night and didn't hear a sound. Your choice as to whether or not that's a good thing.
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