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rating [ 10/10 ]
I booked a group of 7 families and based on the website/map, thought I knew what sites to book the group to. Fortunately, the guy who booked us asked all the right questions about our group and redirected us to another section of the campground and he couldn't have been more right! Phenomenal campground, the staff were amazing and the sites were grassy, shady and wonderful. The campground was a perfect HQ for all our day trips for the area, we couldn't cover it all in just a week and will definitely go back. More sights to see in the area, Lone Pine Campsites will definitely be our base again!
rating [ 2/10 ]
I agree with other posters that the sites are small and very close together. My biggest problem with the campground was the fees. Since when does a "family" consist of only 2 people? Additional charges for each child and they charge extra for dogs as well? One of the folks in our group was going to cancel because her husband wasn't feeling well and when they were advised that they would not get refunded in any manner (we'd paid in full for the weekend), so they decided not to cancel. The campground ended up canceling them anyways, re booked their site and had no intention of refunding them! There is absolutely no cell phone service (except AT&T) in the area and how they get away with advertising that they have Wi-Fi is beyond me as I couldn't get service. I could connect, but got "limited or no connectivity", so I couldn't do anything with it. They had ceramics and jewelry making scheduled for activities, but the person running them never showed up, the pool complex was nice but they had so many rules about what you could bring and do there that it wasn't worth going to. If I do go back, it will be with much lower expectations for the value I'll get for the dollars spent.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Cold Springs Camp Resort is a very nice campground, clean and the sites are very well maintained. The pool complex is beautiful and the store and restaurant are well-stocked. Most of the staff were very friendly and courteous, however; they are extremely vigilant about upholding the extensive set of rules they have. Depending on the staff member, some were pleasant about it but the old guys at the gate were just terrible to the kids. I'll go back but will tell the kids to stay away from the cranks at the gate.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Charlie Brown Campground has built a new pavilion (in 2007) specifically for entertainment and this Labor Day holiday weekend we had plenty to do. We camp with several families with assorted age children and our motorhomes spoked around one of their 3 pavilions, which lend great atmosphere for the gang to potluck. In case of inclement weather, we've got a great place to hang around the fire as well. The staff are extremely accommodating and friendly and they take great care of their guests. On the service side, they will pump out the motorhomes for an extremely reasonable fee. If pool or river swimming is a requirement for you, this isn't the place you want to go. But consider this - how many campground offices have you walked into and had the owner offer you a freshly baked chocolate cookie while you are standing in line? Our group keeps going back year after year and for very good reason.
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