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rating [ 6/10 ]
We stayed here just one night while passing through. Based on the previous review of a 40' making it through, we decided to come on in. The attendant gave us spot 63, a moon shaped pull through. There was NO way my 40' was gonna be able to pull in that skinny space without taking out the power pole and water, plus low hanging trees kept us out. We spied a second spot, a back in, but again a branch ended that. We eventually found another back in spot but it was very difficult to get into due to the narrow road we were backing in from and branches on the swing side. We made it, but barely and with white knuckles. Since we are in the back of the park, I had a chance to see the whole place, and I would NEVER recommend that anyone bring anything over 36' in here. Also, slides are a problem because of the trees. They need to do some trimming around here big time. Like the previous poster said, the dump station is super narrow with a gigantic tree next to it. I squeezed in with 1 inch to spare. (white knuckles) That being said, once in the spot, the park is ok. There are lots of campers nearby in tents, and a couple of 5th wheels. It's quiet, but I'm ready to leave, and nervous about pulling out. There is a drop off on each side of this narrow site, so pulling out must be precisely done the way I came in. When back in, my back tires had to rotate within 3 inches of the fall off.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Holy Sticker Burrs Bat Boy! My poor dogs are scar'd for life and I'm still picking goat heads out of my RV, couches, carpet, dog beds, my shoes! If you have dogs or kids, bring tweezers... you're gonna need em. Careful of the water pressure, those things must pump 100 psi or something! On the bright side, it was big and easy to navigate. Also, we were like... 1 of 4 rv's there, so with no one in front of us the sunset and sunrise was awesome through the front glass! Very pretty surroundings. No dog park either. This place could use some serious weed killing on a regular basis. I've never seen so many burrs in my life. You couldn't walk anywhere without being deep in em. I'd sleep in a walmart parking lot over this. I give it a 4 cause the folks there were real nice and the laundry mat was super clean. Improve the landscaping, and the water and this would be a 10.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Ya know.... it's nice. Everyone here is friendly and helpful. The dog parks are sand lots, so if you have dog that's used to going on grass... there isn't any - anywhere. Our site has fake grass beside it which is nice. My only complaint is that in my 40', the site is REALLY tight, and if the spot directly behind me wasn't empty, I would probably have a tough time turning out. With the 5th and the car behind in front of me, I don't think I could not run over the tree to my left. All I mean is if you are in a 40', it's gonna be tight. I was really happy they had someone here to help guide me into my site. Other than that, everything else is really nice. Nice water hookups, nice electric pedestals, nice dump hookups, all in the right places.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This place is AWESOME. Everything about it is a 10. This is a resort. Great pool, hot tub, shuffle board, huge outdoor cabana for rent, nice shop, killer awesome sites, beautiful landscaping!!!!! Fishing pond, ping pong, game room, staying here tainted me forever!
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