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rating [ 9/10 ]
Great park, located a short distance from I-20. It's quiet and full of shady spaces. Has clean and heated bathrooms with shower; a nice pavilion; and good trails for walking and biking. A beautiful and well kept park. Downside was: few pull-through sites, narrow roads, big rig's over 40 feet would have a difficult time.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very nice, well kept campground. Its not a five star place and they take everything in stride around here. Shopping was close in town but limited. However Wal-Mart was just 20 miles away. The fishing was great, and my grand kids loved the big meadow to romp with the dog in playing fetch. The club house is used for meetings and gatherings only and there is a day care on site for kids during week days. The swimming pool was closed and filled in but the river and a clear water spring were within walking distance and fun to swim in. You do have to watch for the gators at the river by the way, but the springs are too cold for the gators and its is recommended. We loved this place and will be back many times again. This is one place snowbirds who don't want all the bells and whistles should check out first. There is no on-site manager, but they do come around on a twice daily basis to collect or take care of any problems and the police patrol it frequently so no crime occurs here. I would rate this place four stars out of five only because it has no Wi-Fi or pool. Great place for families also as there is lots of room and a city park attached with activities, playground, fishing, marina, and more.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Web site offers hot tub, none there, offers food, only on weekends and then only if the owner feels like it. Offers WiFi, nope unless you are right next to the office only. Offered fishing pond. Nope again. Lots offered but little provided. Cabins are moldy and smell of mildew. Laundry has been out of order for over a year. Pop Machines are out of order over a year also. Told us rate was $400 per month for being a snow bird rate. Then raised it to $450 and told us we used too much power but we didn't. Place is in need of someone to run the place that understands that the camper is not there for him but he is there for the camper. Will not return, ever! We had a verbal agreement with the owner to stay a long time as we had legal issues we were taking care of in Tallahassee Fl. He gave us a weeks notice to pull out or pay the daily rate for only thirty days more. We were there from October 2008 to April 2009. We had planned to stay longer to take care of things. Place got flooded out every time it rained as no drainage ditches, or drain control at all. Overall not a good experience!
rating [ 3/10 ]
Restrooms cranky and dark. Was told on pamphlet that it has cable TV and Wi-Fi, No TV on site, Wi-Fi was poor and weak, paid money for nothing on that. Mostly live on site campers here. Very long walk to any of buildings and dumpster. Dusty gravel road that has not been graded in YEARS, shook loose things in side RV. Lots of pot holes. Will NOT stay here again and do not advise it to anyone.
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