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rating [ 7/10 ]
Things I didn't like: You only get cable if you get a cable box from the cable company - only good if staying there a long time.The sites are set up strangely; you are right up on your neighbor's site. It is part of a mobile home park, so some sites (like mine) looked right at mobile homes. Not all sites like that, though. It can be difficult to park the RV, and I had to have a neighbor move their truck to get out of there. Also, only one lane both directions so can be difficult getting by if someone is coming the other way. Things I did like: Very nice people there. It is part of a nice mobile home park (not a trailer park). It is very wooded, has a dog park, great pool, ping pong table and other amenities. They have canoes they advised you can use for free - I didn't use them. though. Quiet and nice area and only within 15 minutes from the beach and grocery store. Also quick access from I-75. No campfire grills but people had fire pits they brought so I assume those were okay.
rating [ 1/10 ]
I only stayed two days although paid two weeks in advance. It is definitely not a resort. It is a trailer/RV park. I started to stay in the electric water area because supposed to meet a camping club there the following week. Bathrooms were broken and overflowing and the ground was so soft the RV was sinking in ground. Permanent people there that have RVs just started building structures around them. Very trashy. The only other two RVs in that area that were temporary like me had owners tell me one had wood stolen from the side of the RV and the other had their chairs taken and found teenagers that lived at the RV park took them to a campfire for a loud drinking party nearby. Moved to paved site with sewer at other side of campground for the next night. I asked a neighbor if safe there after I had already set up and she told me about a ton of bad stuff that just happened in last two weeks. They rent RVs out there and have several evictions and break-ins. She said money, food, golf cart, clothes, etc. stolen. Decided to stay the night since it was late and already set up. The next morning the lock was picked to my kayak. It was only still there because I had another double lock. I packed up within an hour and headed to another campground. My son and I were scared to stay there any longer. Campground did give a refund for the rest of the time. The neighbor who told me all the bad stuff said management was angry with her for telling me all that as I was packing up. Oh, and someone followed my truck in one day. Took 5 turns and going around in circles through RV park to get rid of them. They followed us in through the exit since there is no gate there. Only a security gate on entrance side. Freaked my son and me out. Worse place I ever stayed at.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Very nice and wooded campground. Very clean and kept up nice. Nice staff. Dog walk park, playground area, cabins you can rent and separate tent area. You hear the Lion Country Safari animals next door. Some permanent park models. It isn't that close to shopping or restaurants though. Kind of far from everything, although that does make it a little more quieter.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Camped on ocean site. Awesome views and sunsets. Restaurant and marina on property. Lots of people keep their boat in the marina while camping there. I was there the end of the summer and it was a party atmosphere and a little loud with music and people drinking a lot. They have a summer program where they give good rates to people from Miami etc. to keep their RVs there all summer and camp and party there there on the weekends. I didn't feel comfortable with my son walking around the campground without me though because of drunk people walking around. You have to drive pretty far to get to a grocery store and the place is a little run down. However, the ocean views and sunsets make it worthwhile and if you are a boater, fisherman or drinker you will love it there.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Mainly permanent park models with rv sites scattered throughout. Narrow streets. Took me a long time to back in my fifth wheel. All sites are different sizes. They are individually owned so landscaped different too so good to look at all sites first. Main reason for staying there was because it was only a few blocks from the beach. Shopping and restaurants within walking distance. Nice and safe area.
rating [ 10/10 ]
$30 rate is for Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County and Broward county residents, otherwise $40 night. Nice lake views if you can get site on lake. Lots of pull-through sites with picnic table and BBQ grill. Fire pits are only in tent areas. Nice big park, great for bike riding. Lots of shopping and restaurants close by, which also means you hear a lot of traffic noise. Hospital is across the street from the park so you hear ambulance sirens a lot. No security gate at night but park rangers patrol often.
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