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rating [ 7/10 ]
Good stopover place on the North South trip. Owners are friendly. It looks like it used to be a KOA. Owners appear to be new amd are doing lots of work on the place. Great Wi-Fi signal and good utilities. We had a small thing which seemed strange, We had been living on hard well water at the previous CG and so upon arrival I drained the last 5 gallons of fresh water from the tank and drained the 3 gallon water heater onto the ground under the coach before hooking up to their water to get the hard well water water out. The owner came over and said you have a leak there, I told him what was up and he said you are making a mess here, we don't let people do that. If it rained there would be more water on the site. Oh well. The local town (Selma) does not have much but take 301 south another few miles and there is about anything you will need. There is also a new Cummins Atlantic Coach / Truck service center about 10 miles north (one or 2 exits) that has 6 pedestals that you can use if awaiting service. If you get there after hours, they told me that you can just back into a site and hook up, so this CG would be a great place to spend a few days before or after a service stop. This CG doesn't have much as much road noise as you would expect considering the proximity to I-95, but I would get a site as far to the back as possible.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We stayed for a week because we had an engagement in the area. The I-95 road / train noise is terrible. The sites are about 8 feet between units with a grass patch that has ankle breaking hidden potholes. There are also various broken pipes around the property that could easily break a dogs leg. - Be Careful - Some pedestals do not work, there is a mix of 30/50 amp service in no particular order and the sewer connection for your neighbors site is about 3 feet outside your door. There is a permanent resident that occupies 3-4 sites with concession trailers and unsightly stuff. Satellite signal is good on the road side sites and digital RV available on 3 channels. This is definitely a one nighter place. Truthfully it's quieter at 24hr Wal-Mart, located at a train yard beside an airport. However on rainy days/nights you you hear very little road noise. But at $12.50 / night for Passport America members it's OK. The plus side is it's never filled up, 3-8 people a night came in, stayed and left the next day. There is only one pull through and it goes first. The pads are concrete and will easily support the longest units, however with large towables you will need to unhook. If you have a Motorcoach and a trailer , leave the trailer in the Motel parking lot, it will be a real challenge to get it in the RV park. The Hotel staff is very nice, you just pick your site, set up and then check in at the front desk at your convenience. Wi-Fi is available at the hotel and with an external antenna you can get a signal in the RV park, but not with the standard laptop. Verizon and AT&T data cards work very well here.
rating [ 10/10 ]
VERY NICE- This place is absolutely one of the nicest parks-period. If you want a place with ABSOLUTE night time quiet then this is the place. No road noise, just nature. They only have about 27 sites, but a major renovation / build out - upgrade is in process. Another 26 or so sites are almost complete will be available by about Oct 15th 2008 and more to follow. New electric, new water, new Wi-Fi and it is all top quality. Our site did not have SAT TV reception from the roof mounted dome, but a portable dish would work fine. Local channels were fine. Actually glad to not have SAT TV for 4 days. Good fast, free Wi-Fi. The sites are very large with beautiful rock terraces and considering the campground is carved into the side of a large mountain the sites are just about perfectly level. I believe that when they get finished and have over 200 sites this will be a destination campground. I believe that once people within a few hours drive discover this place, you will be hard pressed to get a site without reservations. The landscaping between sites and access are very well thought out. We are 73ft overall with our coach and trailer and we had NO problem getting in or out of our huge site. There is a lot of historic sites around the area and unfortunately we were not able to see them all. We are already planning a summer 2009 one week 3 site family gathering there in mid summer. We will surely frequent this campground on our annual north south trips and hope to spend at least two weeks total there annually.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Place is run down and uncared for. The laundry room looked to be good. No one around the place and no phone number to contact. Which is OK with us. However. It's easy to get in and out. We were in a motorhome with toad and had no problem with the pull through. Quiet place, within walking distance of a few restaurants and we had a good meal. The place has a few full timers in the back and the area was neat. The place needs lots of work, but it's a great stop off point and the utilities worked well. Verizon Air card works well in the area for high speed internet. Good satellite reception from our site even with the shade trees. This was probably once a very nice place and it's a shame to see it as it is. We will stay there again for a few days to break up the north south trips. A better sign at the office with "pick a site" would be nice.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Campground is the only one in the area, and they know it and tell you. They could care less about customer service because its the only game in town. The general response is "well just leave", but no refunds. The 5 MPH speed limit is not possible and the golf carts go around at about 15+. There is no latitude here for anything, Guest came over for honest 10 minutes in the evening and immediately we were confronted that they owed the 1.50 guest fee. No cable TV, they charge for Wifi. The sign at the exit says thanks for staying, hurry back. It's the only thanks or indication that you were welcomed here that you will ever get. The staff must eat sour apples all day. I can understand the no refunds, but at 42.00 a day, you should get cable, a site thats not jammed up another and free WiFi. You can get a hotel in town for 39.95 with everything. We met plenty of folks that said they would have stayed longer, but the staffs attitude made them leave and head for another place, or shorten their stay. Many years ago this place was better, but it's not a place we now like to stay so we minimize our time here. It's not like any other campground we have ever stayed. It's amazing that campgrounds with better grounds, friendlier people and better services abound at 1/2 the price across the USA. We stayed here last year for a few days and if it were not out of necessity, we wouldn't have stayed this year.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here for about 10 days with a 3 day break in between to travel to another town. Very nice big pull through sites. We have a 40ft MH and tow a 30 ft trailer. We had no problem getting in and out. Lots of large trees, but considering our length, missing a tree by over 2 ft on a turn is more than adequate, and so there is plenty of room for anything smaller. The place is clean, the staff friendly and although located close to the interstate: surprisingly quiet. Nice walk to outlet shops and a weekend flea market with good vegetable stands. Seems like about 100 unused older sites around the property and I'm sure that the place is never full. Even though there are huge shade trees (nice) there are still many sites with good satellite reception. We had no problem getting a signal on the roof dome and in "eyeballing" many other potential future sites, they looked to be able to get satellite also. We will stay here again in the future.
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