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rating [ 1/10 ]
It is a very strange place and we won't go back. It is very, very dusty because of the farmer's field next to the park and the constant cultivation. Two of our cats vanished and when I found the body of a neighbor's cat I realized that the coyotes were getting the pets in the park. The Border Patrol makes almost a daily visit. We had illegals knock on our door one night asking for food and water. The next door neighbor went out for a walk and encountered a dozen illegals and their smuggler. Border Patrol helicopter woke us up several times hovering over the park. But the worse thing is that the park owner's son is basically a pest and the local village idiot and was awfully annoying; many of our neighbors went out of their way to avoid him when he would come around.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Our space filled with water during heavy rains, the dumpsters overflowed on a daily basis, and the bridge to the island in the center of the lake was closed for most of the time that we were here. Residents are generally unfriendly and there was a huge turnover in the workcamping staff. Oh, and the places was VERY crowded. We will never return.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I'm guessing on the rate; girlfriend handled that and I don't have the records handy. We stayed for a week. This is a rather basic park but the location - right on the bay - was great. I'd go back in a flash in order to get caught up on our fishing.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I am guessing on the rate. We stayed there for a month and I'm not sure what the comparable daily rate is. The park is clean and neat and it's on the grounds of the Elvis Museum and behind the Hartbreak Hotel. That means that you are basically staying at Elvis' very own trailer park - Ye hah! Seriously, we had great fun. The immediate neighborhood is a little tough but not that bad. A local bar/restaurant runs a free limo to the park and their place and that's very convenient.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Con: We stayed here for a few months. It was VERY hot in the summer, with little shade, and the power failed on almost a daily basis. The driveways are getting quite rutted. There was a series of break-ins one night that resulted in the night watchman getting fired. The local police told me that there was often some healthy partying going on in the section next to the road; we were on the other side of the park and didn't get disturbed. There are few nice restaurants on that side of San Antonio and the park itself is somewhat isolated. Pro: By and large the people at the park were friendly, although there was a big turnover while we were there and the management at the nearby motel and storage area (owned by the same company as the park) really didn't give a damn. The lots in the rear are quite large and will hold a large camper, trailer, multiple extra vehicles, and so forth. We felt safe letting our cats out every so often, although I did hear that coyotes come into the nearby fields during the winter. While I give the park a mediocre rating, I'm not sure that there is much of an alternative for people with large rigs in the San Antonio area. It is right off the Interstate so it's a fine place to stop for the night.
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