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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is one of two RV resorts on Hilton Head, and this one is very near the bridge to the mainland, yet set well away from the busy parkway. It is right on the river which connects to the intracoastal waterway, and fishing and water activities are available right here, though the water stuff closed up by the end of Sept. There are two pools, one of which overlooks the water and harbor. Lovely, but it should be heated and have a few sun umbrellas available! Laundry is pretty small but has decent machines. Good area for dog walking along road to the parkway as well as a small plot of land onsite. Our only complaint is regarding a rather haughty property manager who tried to tell us the electricity problem we repeatedly had at our original site was NOT the campground, but it turned out to be just that. We moved with the office's blessing, but he needs to be less combative. Very limited camp store - no real groceries, etc., but the island has everything anyone would need relatively close by. We would easily come back!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Overall a very nice park. Clean and well kept sites with concrete pads and nice picnic tables. Lots of trees for shade but no DTV because of them. The pool was very nice and rather large for the park's size. Laundry was adequate and clean. The store did have a lot of stuff but not many necessities. I like book exchanges at campgrounds at they really don't have one. Close to Wburg attractions but very quiet as well. I would stay here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Check-in was a breeze with the very helpful staff. They helped us park our 42 ft. rig in a lovely back-in site. Loads of trees and privacy: quite pastoral. They pick up trash at your site twice a day: good! The pool is quite nice and the library quite good, though it was located in a dark room used for movies. The only real detractor here is the very loud racetrack next door. Seems there are no noise restrictions, and there surely should be. Not the campground's fault though, but it's hard to believe they get much repeat business. Roads are pretty narrow, though, and some sites look rather overloaded. Overall, a nice place despite the noisy neighbors!
rating [ 9/10 ]
What a find!! This is clearly an older, established campground that acts like one!! Loads of tall trees for a very woodsy feel, lots of connected winding roads for walking and biking, lovely lake with swim beach and pier and island for catch and release fishing. Surrounded by farmland -- classic Hoosierland!! I love pools, and they don't have one - the only thing that keeps my rating from being a 10! The owner came out to our rig to get her "dog fix" when she found out we had two large and friendly pooches. Very welcoming and helpful staff. Not much entertainment in the area, but if you want a true camping experience, don't miss this one!!
rating [ 3/10 ]
I'm glad to know I am not the only one who does not like this campground!! It is touted as such a wonderful place, but in reality it is a concrete jungle, and is a virtual parking lot. Staff is very cool and reserved -- not very friendly, and there is no place to walk dogs unless you go far off the property near the river. There is absolutely nothing here for children either. This should be listed as an overnight stop only, not a true campground. After two stays here we opted for the KOA in Granite City, IL -- much better!!
rating [ 7/10 ]
Our rate was based on a monthly rate prorated per day. Overall, we enjoyed our stay here, but there are some things that need improvement. First, we were not told when we booked that the advertised railroad would not be operating during our stay, and it is one of the reasons we chose this resort. The office staff were very friendly and helpful, but their hours of operation were sporadic and unpredictable. Overall, though, there were very nice activities and all campers, even those who were regulars, went out of their way to welcome the "new folks". It is also close to lots of attractions, yet very quiet and country-like. They do need to do a better job of trash removal, though: the dumpsters were often overflowing. It caters to all types of people and has something for everyone.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Our rate is based on a monthly rate prorated per day. This is a very quiet park geared to snowbirds and has numerous activities like water aerobics, various card games, bingo, etc., as well as weekly potlucks. It is a very "homey" place and very low key but is close to all conveniences. The laundry room is first rate. The owners were very hospitable and the sites were very nice, even though the pull throughs were geared for overnights only: no shade, very close together and close to a noisy highway. But the other sites were all nice and welcoming. There are a number of permanent residents who tend to be rather cliquish, but if you aren't afraid to join things, you'll be made welcome. There is a local airport nearby, which sometimes causes noise due to helicopters and small planes, but it isn't too bothersome. Overall this is a great place!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is the first time I've ever commented, but this place is worth it!! Ours was a monthly rate prorated per day. We found everything here outstanding: best pool, office, laundry, everything. The personnel were also so nice and helpful. The park was so well kept: there was always someone doing something. It is also in a nice area and close to lots of things. This is a park to use as a model for so many others. What a winner!!
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