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rating [ 5/10 ]
I hope I am not being redundant. I agree with other reviewers. The location is beautiful: breath-takingly so. I had a very enjoyable evening picnicking at our RV site and looking at the river and the cliff walls across the river. We were parked in the middle terrace (not down by the river, which seemed very crowded). The layout for the hook-ups was certainly unconventional and not for the convenience of the RVer. I enjoyed my stay for the surroundings, but felt I paid too much for what it was. I think the issues others have noted would probably be more acceptable if they made the price more reasonable.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Good: Of course, getting to park our RV at the Grand Canyon was fabulous: make reservations well in advance. This RV park is conveniently located with easy to follow paved trails to the rim. There are dependable free buses that stop frequently at the site to take you around Grand Canyon Village and the rim sites. The staff was well trained and cordial. The sites are all pull-through (I believe) and paved with dirt in between, relatively level. Bad: it is basically just a place to park your rig while you go off and enjoy the splendor of the Canyon. It had too much of a parking lot feel for my taste. I think they would have done better to have less slots and improve the place a bit.
rating [ 1/10 ]
I am surprised by wide range of reviews. Basically, I was very disappointed with this place which I will echo was a huge black-topped parking lot of RVs crammed so tight together that extending sliders was difficult (literally). The only thing going for it is the breath-taking beauty of the Pacific Ocean and its wonderful sunsets. However, you can find the great ocean views at many other San Francisco Bay Area RV parks (although perhaps not quite as close to the ocean). Access to the beach was difficult as the park is perched on a seaside cliff. Needless to say I would not go back here again. In fairness, our neighbors in the parking space next to ours loved it. I guess it is all about what you are looking for, and I prefer feeling like I am a bit more out in nature and have at least a modicum of privacy.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a very fine RV park. I know others have mentioned this, but what really stood out for us is the privacy of each site. It is very beautiful with large trees and bushes separating the pull-ins. The central "meadow" is great for bird watching and just enjoying reading in the sun. An excellent botanical gardens is within a 15 minute hike down the road (or 2 minute drive) that is really worth seeing. Wi-Fi was pretty good throughout the park and we were in the back. When we stayed, they only accepted cash payments (which I found a bit inconvenient). We are planning to stay here again this fall.
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