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rating [ 4/10 ]
Rate reflects monthly stay. Overall I would love to really, really like this park but a few things conspire to prevent that. First the good. The park has a terrific location with beautiful views of Lake Conroe and immediate water access right behind your RV. The pool and hot tub are clean but we did not get a chance to use them. The office staff appear nice enough but not overly so. In fact, if you stay a while you will learn how little they respect their customers. There is a beautiful little "island" (really a peninsula, but they call it an island) at the back of the park with great opportunities for fishing. A fenced dog walk area and child playground are in place and appear to be well maintained. That's the good parts. The bad starts with the pot hole infested entrance that resemble roads you would find in the oil patch. The Wi-Fi works, but is easily overwhelmed and rarely has enough bandwidth to work at all. The restroom are "cleaned" daily but not very well and are very out dated. Spider webs and insects occupy every one other than the one in the office. The cleaning lady is rude. The office lady and cleaning lady went on and on about how rude their tenants are, then began gossiping about various tenants. Again, this was an overheard conversation. Someone should tell them that this behavior is extremely unprofessional. Prepare to have to wash your RV after staying here as the dirt roads will have them dust covered after a few days. which begs the eternal question, "Why, of why don't RV park owners get a clue and PAVE THEIR ROADS??" All in all, I would say we will not likely be back to this park. There are much nicer parks in the area. While a beautiful concept, this under managed park just doesn't live up to it's promise.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed at this park a few years ago and left a favorable review. Unfortunately there are new managers now and things have gone south in a hurry. I sure wish things would go back to the way they were. The skinny female manager that works the office was consistently rude to my wife and me. She acts like she doesn't have time to mess with anyone and is better than everyone else. The restrooms, while new and nice enough, are dirty. Heck! Everything in this park is dirty now. The site we stayed in is unlevel, and our dog was constantly trying to eat the horse feces that are strewn around the park now that this is more of a horse riding park than an RV park. Other favorable reviews are obviously being made by employees of the park. We would like to love this park, as we used to, but unless the current managerial situation and cleanliness issues are rectified, we will definitely NOT be returning. There are much nicer parks in the area at better prices.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Great State Park!! Previous reviews whining about mildew in the showers and bags in trees were not evident to us. The showers and restrooms were clean and water was plenty warm for a hot shower with great water pressure. The sites are VERY spacious, and the park is, overall, very well maintained. I'd give this park better reviews if they would construct a fishing pier. As it is, there is nothing for the on-shore angler other than a rock jetty. It's pretty dangerous to climb all over those rocks to get to the water. We'll sure be back to this one though!
rating [ 10/10 ]
What an amazing park!! This place costs the same or less than other parks in the area, but easily outclasses them all! Office personnel are friendly and helpful...genuinely NICE people! The Wi-Fi is strong and fast, cable is clear and lots of channels. We WILL be back to Coastal Oaks!
rating [ 10/10 ]
We have camped at this park twice and loved it both times! We stayed in the wooded area the first time and the bay the second time. Both are incredible. There are low branches so be careful. The office personnel are extremely friendly and helpful. If you're staying more than a few days, buy a State Parks pass and skip the per person entrance fees, then you have the pass for a year and it's good at any Texas State Park. The other campers were mostly "winter Texans" so you run into some very rude people during the winter, but all in all, most people were very friendly.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We have stayed at this park twice now. Both times we had trouble leveling our coach as the spaces are like a cat's back. Office personnel are extremely nice and accommodating. The showers, restrooms and pool area are modern and very nicely done. Our last stay we had issues with their leach field making the entire place smell of sewage.
rating [ 2/10 ]
As many have mentioned, the park is in SERIOUS need of repair. The front office personnel are nice, but not exactly what I would call friendly or accommodating. We have been here almost a week now, and the restrooms/showers have yet to be cleaned at all. It appears they haven't been cleaned in about a year. The roads are pitiful, and the layout is squirrely to say the least. Not on my list of return spots for sure.
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