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rating [ 5/10 ]
After reading some of the other reviews on this park, some we agree with some we don't. We arrived early evening and we were confused. Sign on building says office and rec room, sign on pole says stop here. Very confusing. So we pulled up in front of building that says office, only to find no one there, we waited about 5 minutes or so for someone to attend to us. Finally a lady came out, we think she was the caretaker, since at this park they don't wear any type of uniform to identify themselves. She didn't seem to be very friendly, but she walked us to our site. The site was smaller than most parks and a little wet because it must have rained before we got there. After hooking up, we took a walk around. Lots of long term residents. Most of the campers there were in great shape. After settling we checked out the cable and WiFi. Cable was good lots of channels, WiFi was terrible. It kept going on and off and the signal was low,. We could not do anything with the WiFi. Quite stop just a little noise from traffic and a train in the distance, but we had a good nights sleep. Will not stop here again
rating [ 7/10 ]
Stopped in for a night on our way home. Were met at the park entrance by a nice lady; she escorted us to our site, where she collected our money for the night. We found this to be a bit unusual, at most parks usually you go to the office and pay. Sites are small, but OK for one night. Park was clean and quiet, only noise was from the nearby highway and the bike shop up the road. Wi-Fi was good, but did go down a little. The park advertises cable TV, which we thought was great, but the only problem with the cable was there were not enough stations. The only stations you get are locals like ABC,NBC,CBS and some religious stations, as well as advertisement stations. The cable would of been better if they had more channels. Other than that the park was OK. We would camp here again, hopefully they will get a cable upgrade.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Driving through on our way to Florida, we decided to stop for the evening. We stayed here before when it was Amy's and didn't know they changed it into a KOA, so we thought we would stay and give it a try. When we arrived no one was in the office. We waited awhile and a man pulled up to the office; it turned out to be one of the owners. Check-in was quick; we were given our site which we had to find ourselves; no escort like at most KOA's. Roads to the sites were rough, and sites were tight to get into. There was not enough room for a big rig, sites were not level, but we managed. Cable and wi-fi were OK. Bathrooms could have been cleaner, and the same for the showers, needed shower curtains and hand soap. Not many people in the park except for a few long term residents in the back. Park was not well lit at night. We had a hard time walking dog because could not see where we were walking. Park needed better lighting. Had a good night's sleep. Woke early in the morning to the sound of the nearby garage, so we decided to walk dog and pack up and leave and have coffee on the road. From what we saw and know from other KOA's, this is not your typical KOA. When the park was Amy's and had the old owners and management, it was much better. Park needs lots of work and updates. Owners need to make some changes. We will not return again unless changes are made.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Clean park,well lit at night. Laundry room was clean. Most sites looked level, ours was a little off needed to put our jack to level off. Some long term residents in park, but most didn't seem friendly, they kind stayed to themselves, and didn't like new people. Lots of campers from Canada. On first night there had trouble sleeping do to noise from the highway. Owners not very friendly in my opinion. Town of Jennings not very big, had to drive 20 miles or more back to Valdosta to shop or 10 miles to Jasper to shop, no grocery stores, shopping or dining in the area of the park. We were going to stay more than a month but left because of the area and unfriendliness of the park. We will not camp here again.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Stayed at this park in the past and there has been some improvement to the park. Some of the long long term residents have left and it is quieter. The power boxes still need some improvement, breakers still blow on occasion if you run too much. We stopped in for a night on our way to our next destination. Will probably stop in again if in the area.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We stayed at this park for 1 night. The owners of the park are really poor managers. Our daughter took our dog for a walk ans saw the manager relieving himself on the backside of the office. She came back and told me and I decided that this was not a park for us. Later that evening the park had a firework display for the customers of the park. After the fireworks we were in our 5th wheel and heard some noise outside, and there were several people from the park, milling around the pool which was locked for the evening. They were pulling on the fence and trying to get inside the pool area; this went on for sometime, then they all dispersed. After that the second incident, we decide that we would leave early in the morning. We noticed that this park was just turned into a KOA ,and we notified KOA that this park does not meet the standards of the typical KOA, which we have stayed at in the past. We will not return to this park in the future.
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