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rating [ 7/10 ]
This is the second year we stayed here for Memorial Weekend and were definitely disappointed this time around. They have added some new amenities but as they add, they seem to also be neglecting the rest of the park. The pool, even though it is huge and heated, definitely needs some tlc. The bathrooms were not up to the usual cleanliness that we had come to expect from this campground. I don't think they ever tested the ph levels or chemicals in the pool; if they had, they would have known they needed to be corrected. Apparently when quiet hours start at 10 pm, you are expected to go to bed and if not, you are harassed by the "Campground Cops" until you do. They have started nickel and diming you for everything now. We stopped going to Yogi Bear for this very same reason. Not sure if we will go back again or not.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We camped here in a travel trailer and had a great time. Yes, jets do fly overhead here, some days they were worse than others but overall I think it was tolerable. My kids enjoyed watching them. There was a fire in the cafe during our stay and unfortunately it shut down the front pool and the laundry room for the remainder of our stay. I could live with one less pool but staying for a week with kids and no laundry room got to be a little rough towards the end of our stay. If I could change one thing, it would be to add another laundry room somewhere else in the resort. The pools were fantastic, and yes, we tried out all 4. They had nightly entertainment which was nice. The park was kept very clean. There is a shuttle that will take you to the beach, I wouldn't recommend if you have kids and a lot of stuff to take to the beach with you. We did use it in the evening to go down to enjoy dinner and the boardwalk and it was fine. Loved having the reserved parking lot for campground patrons to park at the beach. The beach was about a block away from the parking lot. Parking is definitely at a premium down there. We loved our stay and are definitely going to go back.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is one of our favorite campgrounds. The majority of the sites are tree covered but there are a few that aren't. We love the trees, keeps it cooler in the summer. There is a nice mix of seasonal and temporary spots. All the seasonals keep their areas clean and tidy. I like the fact that they can't put decks and other eye sores on the sites. The bathrooms are bit outdated but kept clean. All sites but tent sites have full hook-up, which we love. They have always been very accommodating when making reservation, especially when you book as a group. They have a nice pool, though a bit on the small side. One word of warning, the pool doesn't open till noon and closes from 4-5 for maintenance then only stays open till 8. Also, every hour on the hour there is an adult swim for about 10 min. I don't agree with the adult swim, it's a campground for god sake, not a pool with a membership! We like to go when they have a Halloween weekend, which they do a nice job. The kids really enjoy it. We will continue to come back.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here Memorial Day Weekend. We had a great time. They have one of the cleanest rest rooms we have ever seen at a campground, and this was even on a holiday weekend when they were packed to the hilt with campers. The site we had was fairly level. My only complaint was that the site given was way to small for a 32' Travel trailer with a slide. We had a hard time positioning in between the trees and had to wait for the travel trailer accross the road left so that we could get out. We couldn't even fit our truck on the same site and had to park it up front at the main office.The pool was warm and the kids had a great time swimming all weekend. They are doing a lot of improvements, and so far we are happy with what they have done. They have a great game room with a full size basketball court. We did see some huge sites just up from us that had small pop-ups or travel trailers on them. They really should be reserved for the larger units. We will definitely go back and have already made our reservations for next year. We also picked out our sites to make sure we have plenty of room to come and go. Also, even though you put a deposit down on a site, this does not guarantee a certain site. If you pay the extra $20 and for VIP, you are guaranteed your site. Has a group, only one has to pay for VIP and the rest get to enjoy the benefits of a guaranteed site.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We camped in April 2009 and would never go back. It was in a very secluded location and well off the beaten path. It is more like a trailer park then a campground. I think there were only a few rows that would accommodate weekenders. The rest were either seasonal or permanent residents. We went Easter weekend and they did have activities for kids like a hay ride and Easter egg hunt. However, we felt like outsiders because everyone seemed to live there. The office was run by the owners children and although they were polite they were clueless. We ended up getting charged 2x for the same stay because their bookkeeping is so poor they didn't know if we had paid a deposit and then couldn't remember that we paid the remainder when we arrived. Instead of asking they just charged us again. It seemed like the older kids kept themselves busy by riding golf carts and four wheelers around all day. Of course when you have young children like we do, it was a little dangerous for them to even ride their bikes for fear of being ran over by the endless riding around of golf carts and four wheelers. The campground is in a great location and could be a nice park if they got rid of the permanent residents and most of the seasonal campers. Did I mention that they also burn their trash in a big pile in the back? We would never camp there again.
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