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rating [ 10/10 ]
No cell phone service (AT&T and T-Mobile); internet "dial up" slow; but I loved it and definitely would choose it again. I thought the staff were cold and not that outgoing but oh, well. It's not like they were unfriendly, either...just not to enthusiastic. The campground was beautiful. Sites are large, not close together. Great place to walk the puppies. So even with the negatives, I still give it an Excellent rating. The kids all looked like they were having a great time. This campground gets a 10.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Not my cup of tea. The sites are crowded, awning-to-rig style. It was noisy (next to busy roadway). The park is flat with little to no landscaping so I felt like I was in a drive in theatre, which I did not enjoy. Was glad to get up early and get back on the road the next day. Also, tried to do a load of laundry but on a 26 minute cycle which cost $1.75, it took each cycle 3.5 minutes just to fill up the machine with water so I thought that was a rip-off; load came out damp from dryer. However, the hostess was a very pleasant young woman and even though I only dealt with her for a couple of moments, I liked her and thought she was friendly. We purposely made a different choice on the return trip.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Stayed there for an overnighter early in the RV season and really enjoyed it. Lovely place to walk the dogs, found it to be very peaceful. Loved the rabbits!!! That was a lot of fun and very unexpected. I read some of the more unhappy reviews and can believe that there would be a lot of kids running around and making kid noises in the summer, if we had younguns at home, ours would probably be amongst those having the time of their lives at this CG. So for now, husband & I will restrict ourselves to the off season but we will definitely be going back because I love to be in a scenic park.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We overnighted here on our way home and it was a welcome feeling to pull into such a gem. It's is absolutely beautiful and provided a much needed rest for the night. I fell in love with the ambiance--(quiet, peaceful, rustic, scenic)--so much that we are planning on returning for our 2 week vacation this year. The CG clearly reflects pride of ownership from the owners...who, by the way, are wonderful folks. I have never come across another campground where the owners have gone to this length to make us feel "at home". Good job, Sue & Company!
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