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rating [ 2/10 ]
We camped here last year and had no problems. The park was nicely maintained and we were treated very well. However, this year the park is under new management, who we feel are unprofessional and inexperienced. The male manager is openly rude to people. The park is not in great shape, lots of weeds around the complex and the beautiful greenbelt of last year, was apparently let go until recently. The path on it is unwalkable it's so muddy and torn up. Trees appear to have been unwatered and some are dying. The new management doesn't appear to know anything about landscaping. The park apparently put some money into redoing the pool and bathrooms which look nice. Hopefully the park can fix its landscaping problems and management problems. Even the regulars here are complaining. It does have a separate dog run area. We still love the fact the pets are kept separate as we have none and don't want any around us. The park does have lots of ongoing activities which make it fun as the RV'ers and park model people are very friendly. Hope they fix their problems as we want to return next year.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This campground should be renamed Blue Spruce Dog Park as the dogs outnumbered the people many times during our 5 month stay. They have no limits on the # of dogs per RV or the size or breed. Many RVs had 3-4 large dogs. Breeds allowed included a hybrid wolf, pit bulls, boxers, Dobermans, etc.. Even if requested, management would not enforce pet rules so at times some of these were loose which we feel was dangerous to guests including children. There is no dog walk area so pets were allowed to defecate anywhere including other's sites. We were constantly having to pick up dog waste in our site although we own no dog. Of course, flies were aplenty. The two owners were two of the worst offenders. The pool tables are unlevel and the felt torn, the exercise equipment is damaged and not working properly. The laundry is very costly as it takes sometimes 3-4 times running a dryer to dry clothes. The equipment is old and not working properly and management appears to have no intention of investing in new equipment. We only stayed here 5 months because we require a reliable Internet connection for our daily work. When the free WiFi here turned out not to be reliable, we had to immediately commit to install DSL. If we had known the park was so poorly managed, we would have left before installing the DSL. The noise rules are not enforced. They rent the pavilion out at times so one night a band was blasting till after midnight and many nights RVers were partying real loud. Rigs were allowed to pull in after midnight and set up which was quite noisy. This park seems to attract the weekend warriors who only come to party and don't care about rules. It's unfortunate because the location is beautiful and the campground has so much potential. We will never stay here again and do not recommend it because of the multitude of problems.
rating [ 4/10 ]
The staff was friendly and helpful. However, you are camped on top of 9 mile hill on a mesa on the west side of Albuquerque. The wind blows really hard up there and it is right next to I-40 which can be noisy if you get a spot on the end. Very few sites had any real shade. It's a place to stop for overnight but would not recommend a long stay.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a lovely clean park with very friendly staff and full time residents. We enjoyed our visit here and stayed six weeks. However, the park is very out-of-date with regard to internet. WiFi is available only at office and pavilion next to office. Cell phones (all services) do not work at this location, you must drive up to the dam (a very short distance) to make calls or use public phone in laundry. Park needs some work trimming trees and playground equipment is old and needs repair. Great for older people who love to play cards, bingo and squaredance.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed here from January through April 2008 on a monthly rate. The owners were two of the nicest people we have ever encountered and live on site. The entire staff was courteous, helpful and professional. This is a family oriented clean and secure park which we highly recommend. They go out of their way to ensure people are accommodated and entertained. They have campfires, hay-rides, family movie night, game nights and of course pot lucks. We had a great time and wouldn't hesitate to return. We felt like we were at home with family. We are full timers and can only hope throughout our journeys to find campgrounds run as professionally as this one.
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