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rating [ 10/10 ]
We loved this resort. Last year when we first became full-timers, this was our first stop. We spent six-weeks here and did not want to leave. It is clean, friendly with large paved sites, large paved roads. It has two pool areas (one is only for those over 16 years of age – the other for families). It has all the amenities that you could want from a resort and it is extremely affordable. Plus, this area of Texas is so beautiful. Kerrville is a lovely little town with a great river running through. The resort is about 20 miles from historic Fredricksburg and an hour from San Antonio. There is caught and release fishing on site. The grounds are very well kept. Plus, for any of your RV maintenance needs, they have contracts with service providers who will come to you – not the other way around. We plan to return there this summer.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is great resort in a great location. The resort is located next to a zoo which provided us lots of entertainment as we could hear the different animals throughout the day. The park is located just over a mile from the beach – these are beautiful beaches in this area. The park is clean and well kept with palm trees and shrubs between sites so you don’t have to look at your neighbors dump equipment. The only downside we saw was the sites were very narrow and close together. They have tons of activities. We were there over Thanksgiving and they really put on a great meal for the guest. There was so much wonderful food. Overall, a very good park but it is a little expensive.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We came to Mouse Mountain as it was just 5 minutes from Disney World. We booked our site four months in advance. However, in those four months, the park changed owners and I think that caused a lot of problems. The site they put us in was way too small for our rig. We barely fit length wise and our slides covered half of our neighbor’s patio. We were going to stay for one month but left after one day. However, it is a nice park. It is an older park with narrow roads and old facilities. I think, given time, the new owners will work out the bugs. They were very nice in refunding our deposit and allowing us to leave.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is an older resort but it is very nice. This resort is RV people friendly. The rates are affordable, the pool is heated, and all the restrooms are clean – very clean. The only downside is that the roads are narrow. Other then the roads, this is a great place to stay. We spoke with one of our neighbors who stated that he winters here every year for the last 10 years since he retired. Plus, they have activities everyday. Lastly, this park is centrally located to both coasts and several large cities. We will return next year.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is a new park in Willisson Florida. The idea of the park is great. The execution on the idea is very, very bad. First, the owner who is a contractor from Georgia has no idea what he is doing. Like all contractors, he starts a job or a section of the park and never finishes. He gets half way through, moves on to something else and just talks about what it may look like some day. Last year, he promised many of his winter residents that the pool would be completed. A year later, no pool, no club house (although the club house is completed, they do not let RVers use it – the owner only wants to use it for weddings – so he can make more money). The owner’s young son and daughter-in-law run/manage the park. The daughter-in-law runs the office and has no clue regarding how a park should be run. She constantly messed up our bill – especially our electricity and always seemed clueless on how to fit it. The son, who is labeled manager, does not know what he is doing and really can’t do anything. He has to run to his father – happens quickly if the father is in town – and the father make all decisions (again, the father is only concerned about how much money he can make or what something will cost him). The park has one restroom facility that has male and female sides. Each side has only two showers with the drain being the high spot so you have to stand in someone else’s bathing water and (get this) each side only has (1) one toilet – for the entire park. As I have said before, the owner is only interested in money. He keeps raising rates year after year but provides no additional amenities as he never finishes anything. His upcoming 2007 rates are higher that many of the most luxurious RV resorts in the nation – and he keeps raising them. On top of this, his per kilowatt rate is over $0.12 per kilowatt – just 10 miles down the road the rate is $0.07 per kilowatt. Further, on top of these high rates – you get charged an additional 9% for taxes – other parks in Florida include the tax in their rates. Even his hired help calls him cheap and says their job is so difficult because everything thing he has done, he has done cheaply. Lastly, the owner is only concerned about money and will let anyone or any condition trailer into the park. So, if you are riff-raft and have been kicked out of all other parks in Florida, you would be welcomed here as long as you pay. Plus, the behavior that got you kicked out of the other parks – you can do here with no consequences – as long as you pay your bill. My overall rating is thus: If you like to throw your money away – i.e. spend money and get nothing in return – this is the park for you.
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