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rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground may be the most beautiful I've ever visited. A former KOA, the grounds and facilities have been redecorated and updated. All roads and driveways are paved, but there are ample areas of grass throughout the park and at each site. The entire park has been beautifully landscaped with flowers. Each site has a cobblestone patio with a new wood table and fire ring. Also, hookups for water/electric/sewer are new and logically arranged for ease of use. There is a nice pool and hot tub, excellent laundry facilities and clean bathrooms. One concern I have is that the bathroom, while nicely decorated, didn't have an electric outlet and the shower stalls were cramped. Road noise from the highway can also be an issue, but it decreases at night. The grounds are large and it would be fun to ride a bike around the roadways. Prices were high because we stayed here for the Quilt festival, but they dropped to $55 after the event was over. The store sells many useful items. The staff is friendly, and will even pick your trash up from the campsite each day. Because of abnormally high prices and the bathroom issue, I can't give a perfect score, but one has to also consider this park is located in a resort area with abundant recreational opportunities. I loved the campground and would stay here again in a heartbeat.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This park is situated in a redwood forest along the Oregon Coast, against the Oregon Sand Dunes which provide a buffer zone between the campground and the Pacific Ocean. It is often windy and a bit cold here during the summer, though when we stayed the skies stayed sunny during the day, which helps. RV sites have either water & electric, or full hookups (with sewer). Sites for the latter are confined to the H-loop, which is a slightly less attractive area due to a lower density of trees. Also regarding full hookup sites, sewer drains are located near the front, while the electric box is at the rear of the site, making connections potentially difficult. The park has a playground and nature center (F-loop) with educational programs for kids. Shower stalls are roomy and are operated with a push-button (no hot/cold control), but we found the water pressure and temperature to both be comfortable. Fire rings are provided, and campground hosts sell firewood. Within the park there is also a beach on a small lake, with boat & PFD rentals for a nominal charge. The state of Oregon takes good care of this park. Despite a few shortcomings, this is a fine, economical place for families to camp along the Oregon coast, and with all the activities one can do in nearby Florence and the surrounding area, I recommend it.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This campground is located in the forest on the outskirts of Mount Shasta City. It is a very busy camp with lots of people coming and going, and could use some upgrades to the landscaping and facilities. Many of the RV sites lack trees or grass, the wooden picnic tables are in bad shape, and fire rings are non-existent (unless you rent one or bring your own). The men's bathroom was pretty dirty during our stay. The WiFi didn't provide great reception at our campsite, but worked well enough near the store. On the other hand, this KOA has a pool, playground, and rec room for kids. Fortunately, we were able to secure a tree-shaded RV site and stayed for two nights while traveling home from Oregon. The weather was excellent as we escaped summer heat that plagues Redding and Medford. It can get chilly overnight here. Nearby trains can be heard passing through at night, but we actually enjoyed it because the train sounds echo in the woods. The staff was very friendly and amenable to our needs, and rates were quite reasonable.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This campground is located in open chaparral woodland about 7 miles north of Grants Pass. It is a natural setting with interesting trees, rocks, birds and little lizards running around. Deer frequent the area during the evening hours. The "waterfalls" are a cascade feature along the creek, located at the bottom of a ravine. It is a bit hard to get to, but could serve as a swimming hole for teens to cool off on hot summer days. Facilities are minimal, with no pool or playground for kids, so I would not call this a "resort". Bathrooms are kept somewhat clean, however there were spiders, and the shower was coin-operated, which is an insult to campers who expect the cost of a shower to be included in the camp fee. The WiFi worked well from our campsite. The trees don't provide a lot of shade at some of the sites, and it can get hot during the summer months. This campground is fine for an overnight stay while traveling from A to B. The owner was nice and we enjoyed the view from the porch at the general store.
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