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rating [ 1/10 ]
Their security is horrible, had our AC unit stolen. Their lock on their front gate can be unscrewed with 1 bolt and BY HAND. Neighbors next door continuously playing loud music and drinking. They have NO security patrols. Do not even bother leaving anything of value unattended there. This one guy has a collection of grills that no doubt came from other RVers. They also do not say anything about the rule breakers, fire pits etc, they just let them do it anyway, even though their rules specify they are not permitted. People fixing trucks in their driveway. People blocking your driveway, double parking, the spaces are TINY and most likely you will spend your time there looking right into another RV.
rating [ 1/10 ]
They refuse to fix their WiFi making it useless for almost anything. They permit their permanent residents to build up their lots with landscaping, but when I tried to stop my neighbor from parking in my lot by adding some cutesy plants they sent me a complaint letter. The neighbor runs over my plants and broke solar lights, yet they do nothing. Don't expect any of your complaints to get answered, but if THEY have a problem expect them to give you large problems! Also they allow certain neighbors to be very loud with loud bass music thumping in the middle of the night and do NOTHING. The honest, hard working renters get no response. They play favoritism and let certain people get away with anything. Also their bathrooms other than the main building are PADLOCKED shut. I found out the hard way needing an emergency bathroom trip.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Great site, not far to go see the manatees, some of the roads are a little steep. well maintained grounds and site security.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Too many trashy residents causing problems with crime such as disturbances and stealing things from peoples cars. The DO NOT HAVE proper/trained security. Do not feel safe there.
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