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rating [ 6/10 ]
We chose site 16 and our 34' TT fit but we couldn't extend our awning. The site had great day time shade due to the tree canopy overhead. I actually had to engage my 4WD to get backed in due to a thick, spongy ground cover made up of a sand and broken shell fragments. This base drained water great and was soft under foot, but clumped badly on sandals/shoes and was hard to keep out of the coach. The CG is literally carved out from a very dense thicket of saw-tooth palm fronds, vines and young trees. You cannot see your neighbor from most sites. This privacy comes with a price however, there is very little breeze. The humid mornings were uncomfortable and the mid-day heat was hard to take. There is ample wildlife and some will come in and climb right into truck beds to dig through your garbage. The wildlife is also probably responsible for the single worst thing about our stay. When we stopped at the unoccupied ranger station to check in there was a small flyer announcing a tick problem. The flyer probably should have said "tick epidemic" because they were literally everywhere, on the road, in the dirt, on every blade of grass and every tree branch. The ticks ranged from the tiny seed ticks to the determined ring-neck. It was an hourly activity to pick them off and dispose. Our dog was covered. However, if you ever wanted to know what Florida probably looked like to the first Spanish explorers, Faver-Dykes State Park probably comes close. This is authentic inland Florida. We hiked a 2.6 mile trail to a vantage point overlooking the Pellicer creek and the trail was very well marked and maintained. It also had the biggest spiders I have every seen. A thin black/yellow beast that from leg-to-leg was larger than my hand. They spun webs about 6' off the ground. It was NOT a fun hike. I wouldn't come back to Faver-Dykes, but I'm glad I experienced it.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I almost hesitate to let the word out about this CG. This is a CG built and run by fellow RV'ers. Each site has full hookups. There are no bathhouses. Most sites have some amenity that is unique to the CG like big fireplaces, kitchen/grill/ or patio furniture. The sites are level with ample room between sites. The location is off the main roads and is very quiet at night. No playground for the kids, but a nice dog walk area. We've either stayed at or visited most of the CG's in the Gatlinburg/PF area and this is our favorite.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This COE CG has 4 or 5 of the best sites we've ever enjoyed. Some sites are (in our opinion) just dreadful. Full sun, no privacy and far from the lake. Some sites are just excellent due to good shade, fairly private and great lake views. Loop 64-75 offers stunning views of sunset. Water/electric only at all sites. A very busy CG during the summer months. A very nice CG due to sites, location and price.
rating [ 9/10 ]
If you want a campground that offers level sites, many in good shade and a most unique atmosphere then this is the place for you. Know this -- there are no hookup in all but 2 sites. There is fresh water available at each bath house and each loop has 2 bath houses. You will not get cell phone reception. Your laptop aircard will not get you online. You will (most likely) wake up to the sounds of a tom turkey calling his hens. You will probably get a little tired of seeing deer. We did not encounter any black bear and we got up early and stayed out late looking for them. My son was most impressed by the multitude of young people and how friendly everyone acted. A great campground for kids, adults, the young-at-heart and others. If you like amenities and pools and playgrounds and rec rooms, this is not your campground.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Nothing much has changed since the last review in 2007. Still a nice campground. Many sites close to the water, many with good deep shade. Probably one of the nicer COE parks on Lake Lanier. Campground hosts very nice and helpful.
rating [ 8/10 ]
A great state park. By far one of the most quiet parks we've ever visited. Sites were level and easy to park. The playground was more than adequate and the kids spent most of the days riding bikes on the trails. The only negative-the closest grocery store was 7 miles away in Union Point. The historic site was well maintained and very interesting. If your looking for a relaxing and well maintained park then this is worth a visit.
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