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rating [ 8/10 ]
We camped here for the Laughlin River Run and will do so again. The campground is about 10 miles out of town but an easy commute to the "strip" and events of the River Run. The positive side - it isn't staying in the heart of the action - which for us was a VERY positive thing. There were a lot of bikers at the campground, but it was not noisy and out of control like it is at campgrounds in town. There was a LOT of security around to keep an eye on things which made us feel good after the number of bikes stolen in the past. We will be back next year!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a standard formula KOA. The staff is very friendly and helpful and has supplies for almost any RV need. We found that the propane cost here was priced significantly less than other stops we had made - so we filled all three bottles. Each space offers a LOT of privacy by a hedge of Oleanders that are planted between the spaces. I am sure that when they start to bloom in the early summer it will be beautiful and add to the ambiance. The sites are all sand as mentioned earlier - but everything in this part of the country is all sand - it is just part of the terrain. They have a HUGE area to run dogs to let them really get out and play - which our girls really enjoyed. We have camped here 2 - 3 times after weekends in the Mojave Desert dirt bike racing. In the laundromat the washing machines are all very clean and all of the equipment has worked every time we have been there which is a real bonus. My husband and I also recommend Peggy Sue's for a meal. It's a great "greasy spoon" type of diner located just around the corner. One final bonus about this KOA - during our last visit the area was hit with record winds - which are not uncommon for that portion of California and Southern Nevada. Interstate 15 had been closed ahead so we pulled in and took the last available spot. One of the workers helped us set up camp since the winds were so fierce it was hard to even stand up. Once we got to our site we noticed the winds had subsided significantly. As it turns out, the KOA is surrounded by taller trees that took the worst of the winds while leaving the interior trailers protected. It was a HUGE relief to be out of the wind and in a safe place for the evening. We plan to stay here again when our travels take us to this part of the country.
rating [ 1/10 ]
I made reservations at Crooked Creek ion April 2007 for Bike Week (August 4-11, 2007). At the time I made my reservations I was told that I had to pay in full up front - $750.00(ish) for two sites. I found out within two weeks of making the reservations that I would have a work conflict and that we could not attend bike week. I immediately called the campground to cancel our reservations. At that time Michele, I assume one of the owners, stated that their policy was to re-reserve the sites before they offered a refund. That sounded fair. I notified them in writing and via phone that I would be cancelling. I did receive an e-mail confirmation from Crooked Creek for my reservations. It did not state a refund policy for bike week. I allowed approximately six weeks to pass before I contacted the campground again - to remind them of the refund. When I called I asked the girl who answered if they had any availability for bike week, my dates specifically, for a 30' TT - Full HU - just as I reserved. She said the largest rig they could accommodate was a 25' TT. I left a message for Michele - no return phone call. I have e-mailed her numerous times now - and finally reached her on the phone earlier this week - June 29, 2007. She agreed to refund my $$ though the sites had NOT been rented (according to her) to make me "go away." She reprimanded me quite a bit for my 'testing' her staff. To date I have NOT received the refund - though I have made repeated attempts to follow up via e-mail. Moral of this story - if you are not 100% sure - do NOT make bike week reservations. I have not received my refund - and I am EXTREMELY displeased with the "Customer Service" we have received. Their campground may be nice - and they may be close to the bike rally - and I may attend bike week another year - but I will NOT STAY at this campground. If your plans change - DO NOT count on a refund.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We camped at the Bryce Valley KOA for Memorial Day Weekend 2007. It's a nice KOA and very convenient to Bryce Valley and Grand Staircase / Escalante. We made our reservations in erly May and got a great spot in the upper portion of the campground. They have fire pits and picnic tables at every campsite - which is nice during the evening when the sun sets and the wind picks up. We had a great experience here, but I can see that it might be difficult for Big Rigs to park and open their slides - some spaces are VERY tight. The restrooms were clean and well cared for. The owners / Work Campers were very knowledgeable about the area and offered great suggestions on local dining (don't eat at the restaurants in Tropic, etc). This is an absolutely beautiful area, and this KOA was a great base camp. We were able to sleep with the windows and fans on and no ac / although we did need the ac in the daytime. Next time we might try Ruby's if we go in mid-summer - it's at a higher altitude than the KOA. There was a noticeable temperature difference between the two. Overall - great experience - we will be back!
rating [ 4/10 ]
I read countless reviews of this park before our trip - and I regret not heeding all of the warnings offered. First of all, to dispell one myth - this campground is NOT in Teton Village - it is 'on the way' to Teton Village. The only thing close by was the Bar J Chuckwagon - which was awesome - and an Italian restaurant (didn't try it). If you are really ambitious you could walk to Teton Village - but it would be a hike - both ways. The campground is for sale and rumor has it - sold to turn in to condos or homes - heard both but cannot confirm. It would be a shame since the other two campgrounds we saw 'in town' (Virginian and one by the public pool) were both parking lots and had people really close to each other. Wireless Internet does not work unless you are right in their office (and sometimes not even then). They have one wireless router for all 108 sites, so even when connected it's not much of a signal. The trees in the park provided great shade, but they were also a hindrance in positioning our rig to get slides out / doors open etc. Overall a nice park but we probably would stay closer to Jackson if we return. BTW, my husband and I took my niece and nephew with us for one week. I noticed on my receipt we were charged $11.00 per child per day to have them with us - that's pricey!
rating [ 5/10 ]
This RV park is the really the only game in town. As stated earlier, the campground is very clean and well taken care of by the staff. However, that being said, there were several aspects that put me off. As stated earlier, the $10 pet deposit stinks. I really think they HOPE you will forget about it and leave it. The owners were put off when I asked for my $10 back when we were leaving. Also, there are signs EVERYWHERE that say what you 'can't' do. Laundry room had signs like 'don't touch the blinds', 'don't open the blinds', 'don't open the windows', etc. I felt like a small child being lectured everywhere I turned (there are a LOT of signs). They also give four pages of 'rules' to be followed while you are there (I have never seen such detailed rules). Upon check in I was asked to sign that I would read and follow the rules (again, I am not 10 years old). If the owners put a positive spin on the rules it would really help. The consensus among our group was that the campground was fantastic but the owners were far from courteous. BTW, please be aware that local children are allowed into the pool if the purchase a bag of chips in the office. It serves as the public pool for Manila. We probably would not return with the present management - just not real friendly folks.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great, clean campground just off of I-80. Slept with the windows open / fans on in JULY! It was great! Several activities for kids, friendly staff, and helpful fellow campers. There is not a lot in the Bridger Valley for eating out, so it seemed most people cooked at their sites. Very good experience!
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice older park with new owners. We only stayed one night as we were passing through on our way north. The grass was not as green as it could of been, but I think the new owners are really trying to make a difference. The campground had EXCELLENT access to I-15.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here for two nights and really enjoyed ourselves. The staff is great, they offer pizza, cappuccino, and fudge (uummmm) in the main office. It was very nice for a weekend get away. A little pricey but overall good experience.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Campground located about 10 miles from the heart of Lake City. This is a great campground if you intend to ride four-wheelers on the Alpine Loop. If not, I would not suggest staying here. Campground hosts are just not 'people' oriented. We were screamed at LOTS for pulling into the RV park too quickly (5mph is too fast for them). We have also seen them yell at kids on their bicycles for going too fast (?). This is their home and business but it always feels like you are invading 'their space' when staying there. Just not a homey feeling and I do not recommend. I have stayed there twice. Once in 2001 when it was the only site available for part of our trip and onve with my in-laws in 2004. Both experiences were the same - less than stellar. Be careful with their Jeep rentals. they do not put 'off road' tires on them - street tires do not do the job on the Alpine Loop - too slippery.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Fabulous RV Park just one mile from Lake San Cristobal and about 4-5 miles from the heart of Lake City. We have camped here 5 times and love it more every time we visit. There are hiking trails that begin in the campground and lots to do in the area. The hosts, are the best campground hosts I have ever, ever met. He is retired air force and has two sons still serving. There is a store on the property and they do Jeep rentals with discounts to RV park guests. In my opinion this is by far the best campground in the area! Monday evening pot luck dinners are great, and Friday morning donuts and coffee are pretty awesome too! We definitely will return - soon!
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