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rating [ 3/10 ]
I am not sure how this park gets good ratings; they are right next to I-35, and you can hear all the traffic going down the road. The staff is not warm and friendly; they are cold and appear to be very uncaring. The lots are close together, unlevel and trashed. Their rules say to pick up your lot, but it seems they enforce the rules when it deems their mood because our lot had cigarette butts all on it. We stayed for 3 weeks, and we had to fill out a form with rules and guidelines that talk about no refunds even though payment had been made. Next time, I won't be staying here. This was close to my stepson, but next time I would rather driver farther to see him than stay at this park. This park has lots of full-timers living in it. We told them we needed a pull through space, and they gave us a tight, back in space. Run from this place and stay farther away from your destination. If someone opened a nice RV park this one would go out of business. No good RV parks in Denton. This is my second attempt to stay at this place, and it will be my last. It is going to be a long 3 weeks here.
rating [ 4/10 ]
If you are looking to be surrounded by nature and do not have the need for television or internet this is a nice place. The starting rate is affordable, but then they tack on prices for an extra person, using air conditioning and more. They like to charge a lot of extras. We did not attempt television because they told us what to do if we had satellite, so no satellite, no television. They state to have wi-fi, but dial up is faster. I make a living online and my wireless card that is typically slower was faster. They have lots and lots of rules, but do not enforce them. They said you don't need air conditioning, but during the day you do. They say keep your dogs on a leash, but people letting their pets run loose and no one was monitoring them. Oh there is a $1.00 per guest per day if you want company, serious!! I couldn't believe this one at all. Roads are narrow and dirt, the sites are unlevel and you will spend time driving around trying to figure out which site will be the easiest to set up and get level. Other places were booked up or too far away otherwise I probably would not have stayed here. I don't plan on making this the place I stay the next time I am in town for what you pay, I could have stayed at a nicer property and had everything I needed. The staff is nice, but the rest is not worth the money.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This was an OK park in that the people were friendly and it was easy to find. It just was not that close to Kansas City and there was little shade. Also there were no tables provided and the spaces were very close together. Some spaces are really unlevel, which can be challenging. About half the spaces were long term residences. The internet was not very good and my wireless card ended up being faster. I do not get these parks charging for more people like in hotels. My mother is in a wheelchair so she is not going to us any extra services. Otherwise it was not a bad place at all to spend a couple of nights. I probably would not be a long term residence.
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