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rating [ 9/10 ]
4th of July weekend has become our annual trip to camp in Gettysburg. This was our first year going to this campground. Booked back in Nov. and was lucky to get a site on the creek. It was an awesome view: a nice little creek with woods to look at. Made my weekend. Kids enjoyed the activities and the pool was nice. Store has a little snack shop and ice cream. Good location to Gettysburg and the sites. Staff were all friendly including security. We really enjoyed the feel of this campground. Only issue, they need more showers. We are looking forward to returning next year.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Some may think this place is perfect, we did not like it at all. I will say the staff I personally encountered were very nice (not fair to include them). Seasonals were fine, but there were the "who are you" stares driving through but no issues really. That being said, I have to give credit to what ruined this place for us. The person at the pool is a nasty and mean woman. The "rules" are ridiculous. Felt more like a "boot" camp then a campground. My son was thrown out of the pool while playing water basketball with his friend. They were marched to the office to prepare an incident report (hope it doesn't go on his permanent record!) and taken to our site by a staff member. My husband was told they were not permitted to leave our site without an "escort" for the remainder of our stay! Really, for playing in the pool? They were accused of rough-housing and that others were complaining. I didn't bother taking it any further (per previous reviews) and it seems like she would like the confrontation and I have no problem with being kicked out of the pool if necessary, but put on lock down? At this time (I dropped them off) there were a total of 10 people at the pool, 5 of them were other people in our group who were in the pool and confirmed they were not doing anything to warrant that and weren't even aware of what was going on. Another little girl (8) with us tried to go into the whirlpool with one of our adults and was yelled at that she wasn't allowed in there (no one else was in there) and when our adult jokingly said she should go to the baby pool, she was snapped at that she wasn't allowed in there either (again empty with no small children around!) Next issue, no alcoholic beverages allowed because they are a "family" campground. Are you kidding? They also claim to be pet friendly but they do discriminate. As I own a dog on the "list," I take this personally. Do not judge me or my dog. I can say that I was almost bitten by a mutt that came after me while driving by on a golf cart. That always cracks me up..my dog would have thrown himself in front of the cart to make you stop to pet him! All in all, I would never go back there. Camping is supposed to be fun for the kids and enjoyable for the parents. Here, I felt uneasy and uncomfortable the entire time. For mid-June, it was empty and there was nothing going on. Seemed more like an over 55 community, deserted and lights out by 10 (or the guards on the carts driving around all night will get you). If that's what your into, could work for you. But beware, most reviews are very accurate. Some sites good/some bad. Bathroom (not bathhouse) was not on the clean side, ants and small bugs everywhere, run down. Location is great, but I would rather stay in a road side motel.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great campground. Large sites with alot of privacy (up the hill). Nice bathhouses and pool. Big fishing lake. Only downfall, hard for the kids to get around on their own. Alot of sites are up the hill (the pool and a bathhouse are up there) and some activities are at the bottom (lake, store, community room). So, they either have to hike (if old enough) or you need to drive them down. It's a little steep and winding road so they can't ride bike down. They do rent golf carts which you really need to get around. Still, kids love it and we always have a great time.
rating [ 10/10 ]
One of our favorite campgrounds. Have been here many times and consider it a home-base for us since its close by for quick getaways. Best wooded sites are on Elm Street. We have never had any problems here. Always have alot of kid activities with the wagon rides with Yogi, huge field where they put movies, have games and bonfires, matchcar races that the guys love, nice pool, smaller fishing area but ok. Bathrooms are clean. Overall, we've never had anything to complain about.
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