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rating [ 9/10 ]
This was our 2nd trip here and I found a few improvements this time. Our site was large and level. We had adequate space between us and our neighbors. The only issue with our site was that it was 2 rows over and 2 sites down from a bathhouse and other campers would cut right through our site to get to the bathhouse due to their own laziness/lack of respect for basic campground etiquette. Bathhouses were kept clean. Lots and lots of activities for the family. Store was well stocked and clean. Nice laundry. Each employee we encountered was very nice and helpful. We rented a golf cart for a few days and enjoyed it. However, they charge too much for them. Only complaint I can make is about the wifi. You pay for the wifi and the service was weak at times. A big issue we had during our first trip was our inability to cross the road in front of the beach in the evenings to get the beach due to the steady stream of golf carts. This year, however, security was stationed at different spots on the road each evening and crossing was not an issue. Also, security was more visible this year in the campground. A great experience and I look forward to returning.
rating [ 10/10 ]
What a great campground! We hope to make it here on a yearly basis now. Only thing I could ask for would be cable tv. The free wifi was great. Bathhouse was kept clean. Our site was large and private. I had to change my reservations twice and each time the employee I spoke to on the phone was extremely patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Each worker we encountered at the campground was just as friendly and helpful. Love it Love it Love it! We cannot wait to go back.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The draw for this campground is its location. However, there were several issues during our stay there and also a few changes that could be made to improve the campground. The wifi did not work the three nights we were there. If you were fortunate enough to get online, you were immediately disconnected. Most of the time you could not get past the log in page. Two calls were made to the office. They were unconcerned. The second time we called we were advised that "maybe" they would upgrade the internet when they were closed for the season. For some people, wifi is not an issue. Due to work and college classes, wifi is a must for us. Also, while the hot tub was hot, there were no bubbles for the duration of our stay. The bathhouse closest to us was dirty and smelled. The cable tv worked well. It would also help if they knew/considered the limitations of certain sites (i.e. trees) and took that into consideration when booking sites.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Pros: price and location Cons: the sites in the row we were put in had no space between sites. We were unable to use our awning. There are no picnic tables provided. However, our site was so close to our neighbors that we would not have been able to use it had one been provided. Site is a rock driveway only as wide as the camper. As it rained while we were there, we were walking in standing water to get into and out of our camper. We were unable to access internet. We were told that the house blocked it and that they needed to add a repeater. My husband is in the middle of his last class prior to completing his MBA. Therefore, having wifi is a must as he has to log on and post to the class. Having no wifi was a big problem. There are no trees to speak of.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I was very happy with most aspects of this campground. I loved the beach. We had a concrete pad which was very nice. Bathhouse was clean as was the laundry. Pools, gameroom and miniature golf were clean and nice. Store was huge. Every worker we encountered was extremely helpful and friendly. We did express check-in so it was a quick drive through the gates and to our site. Only issue with campground maintenance was that sites were not cleaned between guests. Our grassy area was littered with cigarette butts upon arrival and were still there when we left 8 days later. On our awning side, our neighbors seemed to think that the space behind them (OUR site) was there's to use as they wanted. The neighbors on the other side parked their diesel truck in the grass as close to our camper as they could. I could literally reach out my window and touch their truck. And, they liked to start it and run it alot. Even after "quiet time" started at 11pm. There seemed to be a total lack of consideration for others. Also, kids/adults walked through others campsites instead of using the roads. Then, there is the golf car issue. I personally enjoy going to the beach in the evening. However, you could not get across the road to the beach due to the steady parade of golf cars at night. Nobody, teens or adults, would stop to let you cross the road. I have stayed at larger campgrounds than this, and did not experience people utilizing our site as theirs, etc. so I am not sure why we experienced it here. We will probably return here to enjoy the campground but during the "off season"
rating [ 3/10 ]
Our first visit to this campground. We had a "signature" riverfront site. Positives: This site was very large, had a lot of space between us and our neighbors and a lot of open space behind our site. Negatives: They neglected to inform us that all the bathhouses except the main one in front were closed. Also, they neglected to inform us that the repeaters for the wifi were turned off meaning WiFi was only available at the front of the campground near the office. And, this was the loudest campground experience we have had yet. There is a busy and noisy road behind the river and the concrete plant was up and running and LOUD very early Saturday morning.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I was a bit concerned after reading a couple of the negative comments posted. However, I was very happy with the campground. Our site was wonderful. It backed up to a rushing stream. A canopy of trees left our site shady and cool. Having stayed at quite a few campgrounds in the area many times, I know that large sites are hard to come by. We were more than pleased with our site here. Our 33' Travel Trailer and Truck fit just fine. We were a very comfortable distance from our neighbors. However, a few of the sites in the campground are tight. Unfortunately, that is typical for campgrounds in the area. We love the shadiness of the campground. Some campgrounds in the area are more like concrete parking lots with no shade. So, this campground was a welcome relief. Bathhouses and grounds are kept immaculate. Wi-Fi and cable TV worked great. The owners escort you and help you in to your site. Nice playground, pool and miniature golf course. There were lots of planned activities including a hayride for the families along with a band Saturday night. The park owner, brought out his drum set and played along and he is quite impressive. All in all a super campground. I can't imagine the family being rude to anyone. They were never anything but nice and polite to us. Maybe the previous reviewer had a run in with a workcamper? As for the stream, I was happy to see some water in it. Drought has really effected the area. We hiked to a couple of waterfalls that, while still pretty, were considerably smaller. We had a very nice camping experience and made reservations to return.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was not our first stay at Jellystone. However, it keeps getting better and better. It is a wonderful campground. Great activities for the kids. Bathhouses, laundry and grounds kept immaculately clean. The office/store was redone over the winter making check-in during busy times easier. We love the location. And, we love the owners. They do everything possible to ensure that you have a wonderful stay at the campground.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I agree with the previous posters. We stayed in a site in the 43-59 area. Incredibly peaceful and private campsites. I cannot wait to return. The spring fed concrete wading area was very dirty when we were there, so my kids did not play in it. Also, while the bathrooms are kept clean, there are no paper towels and no handsoap.
rating [ 10/10 ]
One of the best campgrounds we have stayed at. Our site was right on the rushing stream. Plenty of room between us and our neighbor. Pool was great. Playground was great; a very good experience for us and our children. The hayride with Yogi was quite an experience for my youngest. The man that owns the campground escorted us to our site. Very very nice guy! Sons and other workers were great as well. Did not care for the showers... it is timed so you must keep pushing the button to make it start up again and we could not adjust the water temperature. (too hot for me) This is a MINOR detail for us, however. Bath houses were always immaculate as were the sites. Lots of activities for the kids. Just a really great campground!! This is our favorite campground ever. Unfortunately, we came home and called to make reservations for the future and were told they will not guarantee sites. We preferred certain sites over others. So, it looks like we will stick with the other campgrounds we like that allow us to know what site we have before driving several hour to get there.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very friendly staff work hard to ensure that the campground is kept spotless. Bathrooms were always spotless. Showers were always clean and there was always plenty of very hot water. Laundry facilities were always spotless as well. Pool was clean. With all the rain, we were unable to tube. Great playground and game room. We were very pleased with the campground and the staff. Only downside would be the closeness of the sites to each other. This was our first visit to this campground, but it most definitely will not be the last.
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