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rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a nice KOA. The only negatives is that the main sites slope severely to one side - but the campground is fixing that by adding retaining walls, then filling in. They should have this finished by spring of 2014, then one star should be added to this review. The WiFi can be very slow, but they have to rely on satellite for now. There is some noise from the interstate. The pool was open through September and they had lots activities for the families on the weekend. Bathroom were admirably clean although not modern. The people were extremely nice. Because this is the nicest RV Park near Lexington, VA; Natural Bridge, and near I-64, it can get crowded on weekends. There is overflow that lacks sewer connections. Our price was for 30A.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The area is flat, but there has been no attempt to level the sites which are made up of rutted dirt and dead grass. The bathrooms are beautiful but not regularly cleaned. Mine had some feces on one of the seats and trash in a shower for more than two days. The exhaust vent was covered with grey dust. All this while they were painting an outside fence to sort of look like bamboo - a clean bathroom is more important. They have it set up like the airlines where everything is a la carte - which is an interesting concept and a good way for people to save money. One has a choice of a campsite with electric, campsite with electric and water, campsite with electric, water and sewer. Cable is avaialble in another area. Each option seems to add about $5. WiFi is $5 per day. Down the street at the KOA, a place with all these items included is about the same price for everything here. A huge advantage is that this campground has their own parking lot in downtown Virginia Beach, two blocks from the boardwalk. The pool was open in early October on a sunny 80 degree day, which is commendable. No matter what any other reviews say, the jets from the nearby base ARE noisy, but that is true here everywhere.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We only require 30 A service. The owners made a mistake when they put us in with the long term rentals. Any owners worth their salt know to keep the two groups apart. We ended up jammed into an area without grass, not enough parking, a lot of junk strewn about and many dogs tied outside - all while beautiful grassy spots left unused. When I came back from my shower, the neighbor parked his muddy truck partially in our outdoor seating area. The owners are trying to resuscitate a park they say was neglected for five years. I hope they succeed, but I wonder if they have the temperament. On arrival, the friendly owner pulled out a print-out and lectured the rules to me, all while marking it with a highlighter. Ironically, the highlighter smeared the printing making it unreadalble. The Wi-Fi is useless. Never stay at a park that uses Tengointernet, unless you pine for frequent disconnects and dial-up speed. The owners hope to upgrade Wi-Fi in the spring of 2014. The showers are OK, with lots of warm water. They are generally clean. The pool is open during mid-September, which is great. As I look at this dirty truck parked next to my chair, and look across the way at those unused grassy spots, I am trying to resist lowering this rating to one star.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I wish all RV parks could be this nice. Sites are relatively big, with grass. Pool is nice and open in September. Wi-Fi is fast. Showers are clean. I would love to come back. Nitpicking: Shower / bathroom was hot and humid despite large fans. Shower heads were only 5' 5" high (never hire a short plumber), and we were asked three times what kind of dog we have (we are a little sensitive about this). It is close to I-70 and there was some noise, especially trucks (could deduct 1/2 star) but not as bad as some.
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