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rating [ 8/10 ]
We used this campground as a base while we visited the nearby attractions with family. We live a 3-hour drive away and hadn't been here before this visit. Luckily, we had picked the very best part of the campground to camp. We were in Section B, which is a pull-through non-pet area. Our site was in the very back. It was very quiet, and there were nice shade trees on almost every site. There are plenty of restrooms located throughout the park. Ours was kept very clean. The shower house was also very nice and clean. I didn't count them, but there must have been about 10 shower stalls. The kids had a wonderful time swimming at the beach, which is located on Lake Erie. This campground is huge, the largest in Ohio. Although we were so lucky to be in the area that we were in, I will have to say that I wouldn't want to camp in any other part of the campground. I took a long walk throughout the grounds just to check for possible future camping sites if we were to come back with our dog. The pet area, back-in sites were extremely crowded together. I would probably have an entirely different view of the campground had we picked one of those sites.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We live only 30 minutes from this park, so we do come here often for fishing, picnics, or just to walk on the beautiful paved bicycle paths. The lake and the park are lovely. However, my least favorite part of the park is the campground. It's not that there is anything terribly wrong with it, but it just seems that more thought needed to go into its design. The biggest problem for us is the lack of shade. There are some sites with nice shade trees, but very few. Most of the sites are nice sized, and some are quite large. A few sites have a nice view of the lake, as well as some nice large trees on them. Our only other complaint is the lack of toilets. The campground is divided into 2 areas across a road from each other, and there is only one restroom per area. We always have to bring a portable shower tent and toilet with us since we have none in our pop up camper. Our campsite was too far away to walk to the restroom in the middle of the night. There is only one shower house in the area, too, with 3 stalls. There never was a problem with having to wait for one when we used them. And the restroom/shower house was very clean. There is a very nice camper's beach nearby. The lake is beautiful, and the park is very well maintained. You just want to camp here in the spring and fall. The summer heat can be brutal with the lack of shade.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We stayed here with two grandsons over the 4th of July weekend. We camped in a large site on the lake so that my husband and the kids could fish, and for the view of the lake. The lake front sites are across the main road from the rest of the campground. None of them have hook-ups of any kind. Everyone just parks their campers in the grass in that area. We took a couple walks through the main area of the campground. The sites on that side were mostly shady, but most were very small. It was a holiday weekend, so the park was full and crowded. Only 10 of the sites have electricity. There is no running water at the campground, only a continuous flow of water from an Artesian well located near the marina. Bathrooms are pit toilets, and in the heat of summer they were utterly disgusting. The smell and the flies kept us out of them, and we used our Luggable Loo inside our shower tent. We also brought along a solar shower since there are no showers at the park. This lake has a no motor policy, and attracts many fishermen. We rented a small human-powered fishing boat, and were able to keep it at our campsite for the weekend. There were park personnel conducting many activities for the kids throughout the weekend. There were also movies available for them in the evenings. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. This campground seems to attract a more rowdy crowd than we normally enjoy camping with. People were just running through and actually coming to our campsite to fish. There is no privacy. I realize that it was a holiday weekend, but I had the impression that this is the way it is at this park. I don't think we'll go back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We have stayed at this state park campground several times over the last few years. It is one of our favorites. The campsites are spacious. There is a wide range of types of sites also, from sunny and grassy to shady and woodsy. All sites are pet friendly. We have settled on a favorite location, site #166, because it has a nice view of the lake and is across the road from the showers/restrooms. The restrooms and showers are always as clean as any state park facilities I've seen. The camper hosts have always been helpful and very friendly. The grounds are well kept, however in the woodsy side of the campground mud is a problem when it rains. The lake is beautiful, with lots of fish to keep my husband busy and happy. There is a lovely lodge with a restaurant, lounge, swimming pools, etc. There is also a nice golf course on the park grounds and several walking trails.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We stayed at Cowan Lake State Park with our little dog the first weekend in June. We had heard good things about the park. We camped in the pet area of the campground, and were not impressed at all. It is very wooded, so there was basically no grass on our site. It was nice and shady, but also nice and muddy. It looked to us like almost every site in the pet designated area was about the same. The restroom was the dirtiest I've seen in the state parks we've visited. We were here for 3 days, and it was not cleaned once during that time. There was a strong urine smell which was not at all pleasant. What really upset me, though, was driving through the non pet area, and seeing just how beautiful it was. I felt like I had entered a different park. Beautiful mowed grass, lots of huge shade trees, spacious campsites, and no mud. I felt like we were discriminated against because we have a dog. We have not encountered this at any other state park. I doubt if we will go back, and I know we won't go with our dog.
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