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rating [ 5/10 ]
Previous reviewers have given a pretty accurate picture of the campground. It is attractive, with Ponderosa Pines and fairly dense undergrowth. I found that there was a considerable amount of road noise, audible anywhere in the campground. This noise comes from both State Highway 87, and Houston Mesa Road, which has a surprising amount of traffic. We have a 40' motorhome, pulling a full size truck, and found only a handful of sites that would accommodate our rig. Many sites are sloped enough that leveling a larger rig would be impossible. Most of the pull through sites have bends that would be difficult if not impossible in a large rig. There are also many tree limbs that intrude into the parking spaces. We ended up on a pull through, but we backed into it. Verizon 3G was very slow. The restrooms and showers ($2 for 6 minutes) were clean. The multitude of hosts seem to do a good job of keeping the campground neat and clean. Our site had been freshly raked. The dump station is posted with a fee of $7.00, and fresh water posted at $.25/ gallon!!! I questioned a host on this, and was told that registered campers do indeed have to pay the $7.00 dump fee, but the water is free. I have been camping for almost 50 years, owned an RV for over 30 years, and have been a fulltimer for almost 9 years, and have never encountered a facility that charged registered campers for the use of the dump station. The host I spoke to said that this was a new policy this year, and she did not like it either. I hope this is not the beginning of a trend. I feel that this campground is already pretty pricey for what it offers. As a final nuisance, there is a host site on the exit of the dump station. He/she has installed a portable garage for their personal vehicle, which blocks a substantial portion of the road exiting the dump station. I decided to drive my truck through the dump station, in order to better gauge if there was sufficient clearance for my motorhome. There was a visitor at the hosts site completely blocking the exit, so I had to back out. I should also point out that this campground charges $7.00 per night for an extra vehicle. I carry a motorcycle on the back of the motorhome, and pull a truck with an ATV on the bed. I inquired before registering how the extra vehicle policy would apply. I was told that as long as the vehicles were towed in, there would be no additional charge. Later, I was told (by a different host) that if I unloaded my ATV (street legal in AZ) I would have pay the $7.00 per day for it. I asked about if I unloaded the motorcycle, and was told there would be no charge for that???? I think the extra vehicle policy may be open to the interpretation of each host???? I also found the posting of rules to be a bit lacking. Normally we will see common things such as quiet hours, generator hours, and checkout times clearly posted. Not here. I doubt that I would return to this campground again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We really enjoyed this park. Check in was very efficient. I asked for a satellite friendly site, and was asked if my satellite was on the front or back of my rig! They really know their sites. We were escorted to our pull through site, which easily accommodated our 67' rig without unhooking the toad. The utilities worked and were in the right place, something that many parks seem to have trouble with. The parking pad was gravel, surrounded by well maintained green grass. There are many sites with shade, if that is your desire. The restrooms and laundry were clean. Laundry is still only $1 to wash, and $1 to dry. We had a tasty large pizza delivered from their store, for about $10. They have a nice selection of sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and even breakfast items, all of which can be delivered (no charge for delivery). There was some road noise, but not too objectionable, at least with our windows closed. There are a number of long term residents in RVs, but their sites appeared neat, and they caused us no problems. Our Verizon phones and aircard worked well. This is a great overnight stop, and we will definitely stay here when passing through in the future. The rate reflects the Passport America rate, which is only good for one night.
rating [ 9/10 ]
As the other reviewers stated, this is a beautiful clean park. The hosts were very friendly and helpful. The sites are huge, with nice concrete parking pads and small concrete patios. I had only one disappointment, and I will take part of the blame for that. We were escorted to our site, which turned out to be a side by side site. As you probably realize this puts the driver's sides of two adjacent rigs very close together. I HATE side by side sites. I should have asked for a different site (many others were available), but I didn't. So, if you don't want a side by side site, just tell them ahead of time, and I am sure you will be accommodated. The park location is excellent, just far enough off the interstate that noise is not a problem. We enjoyed walking to the Wal Mart, about .3 miles away. We visited this park over the Memorial Day weekend, thinking that it was not the sort of park to attract families on a holiday weekend. We were right! It was wonderfully peaceful! Another big plus, is that washing of rigs is permitted. The water is soft enough that water spotting was not a problem. The laundry room was the nicest we have encountered in 25 years of RVing and nearly 4 years of full timing. Very clean, with reasonably priced machines, and a television. We will definitely return!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We found this to be a very pleasant campground. It is set among lodge pole pine, with views of the Sawtooth Mountains. The Salmon River runs adjacent to the campground, and can be heard from much of the campground. Only a few sites have views of the river. The roads and spurs are paved, as is the area around the picnic tables and fire pits. Each site also has a leveled tent pad. Overall, the facilities are excellent. Water is by hand pump only. When I filled a bucket, the water didn't look very clean. I am sure it is safe, but I would bring my own water for cooking and drinking. The vault toilets are in modern concrete buildings. They are spotlessly clean and very fresh smelling. There are no showers in the campground, although showers are available near Redfish Lake. The roads are easy to navigate for big rigs. Many sites will accommodate a 40' motorhome with toad. Our site handled our 40' motorhome, LARGE toad, and motorcycle with room to spare. Of the campgrounds in the immediate area, this seems the best suited for larger RVs. Some sites are not as level as they could be- we ended up with both front wheels of our motorhome off the ground. Most sites are well separated, but there is relatively little undergrowth for privacy. The lodge pole pines will provide minimal shade. You can hear the traffic on the highway, but we didn't find it objectionable. We were pleasantly surprised to have decent Verizon cellular service. Internet access thru our aircard was intermittent, but better than nothing!This location is less than 3 miles from Redfish Lake. There is a dump station available near Redfish Lake, and another one near the ranger station, about 3 miles north of the campground. Both dump stations have a $5.00 fee, and drinking water is available at each. The town of Stanley is about 5 miles away, and has several restaurants, a small grocery, fuel, lodging, and post office. We will definitely return to Sunny Gulch when in the area!
rating [ 3/10 ]
Sites here are way too small. Our 40' motorhome had to be parked so that the front was only 6" from the trailer in front of us, and we were still barely out of the street. There was enough parking space for our large toad, but that filled up the site. We kept our shades pulled the whole time we were there, because you couldn't see anything but other RVs. We left our AC fan on all night, in a futile attempt to drown out the freeway and airplane noise. No way this park is worth $40- but that is Vegas! We won't stay here again!
rating [ 7/10 ]
The park is well maintained. It is conveniently located to casinos, restaurants, etc. There are a variety of sites, including many very large paved pull thrus. The paved area of our site was approximately 20' x 75'! Some of the smaller sites are nicely landscaped and shaded.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I think this is the nicest private campground we have ever stayed at, in more than 25 years of RVing! The park is very well designed and laid out. The sites are easy to back into, and the utilities are in the right spot. Pretty simple things, but so many parks can't seem to get it right. The entire park is very attractive and well maintained. It is literally an oasis in the desert! We enjoyed many walks around the lake. There are paddle boats and kayaks available at no charge. They currently have a promotion where you can get a free nights camping with every $25 in fuel purchases from Terribles stations. This allowed us to stay for free. Unfortunately, we had only made reservations for 3 nights, and they were very busy. We will definitely be back!
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