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rating [ 5/10 ]
Park is fine, if not on the spendy side (my rate reflects a Good Sams discount). They want to charge you extra for lots of things like WiFi, cable, etc. The RV park has many amenities and I'm sure would be nice for people who have kids that need to space to play. The "falls" in their name is a man made part of their mini-golf area. There are not many options in the area that can accommodate a 40'+ rig with 50 amp service, so I might have to stay here again, but I'd rather find someplace else if there were more options available. The membership sales guy will visit your coach multiple times in his golf cart and go into mega-sales mode trying to sell you a membership. I literally had to tell him to "shut up and stop talking" so that I could figure out what he was offering me. Even then he just kept talking. Next stop was the office after extending my stay (waiting for repair parts for my RV was the cause) and the guy behind the counter asked if I had talked to the sales guy yet! If the sales guy stops by, simply say that you're not interested and end the conversation as quickly as possible. You can buy memberships like that much cheaper on other sites from people who are no longer RVing, but still have the membership.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Beware that their weekly rate can be had for staying a week, but their monthly rate (even if just staying a single month) requires that you fill out an eight page application that includes providing them with previous years tax returns, etc. We signed up for a month, but ended up paying the weekly rate because we were not willing to provide the kind of info they required. Would have been fine it it listed it on their web site and spelled out their requirements, we just wanted to stay for 30 days and made a reservation based on that rate and their comments on the phone about getting that rate. We ended up having to pay the weekly rate for four weeks, which is much more expensive. It's a fine park...lots of noise from trains, plains, etc, but it is convenient to town and nicely laid out. The local guy who will offer to wash your rig for $35 does an amazing job. Just don't try to stay for 30 days for the rate they quote you. We paid $23/night when they quoted us $12.50/night.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Simple setup with grass spaces that are level. 50 amp available in only a few spots, but I had the choice of a few when I got there. $10/night for Passport America members. They have WiFi and the signal was strong, but the speed was way too slow, so I used my Verizon card which had a good signal. I'd stay here again... can't beat the price.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Physically, the campground is nice with a water view of a large lake. Wish they had sewer at the site though, instead of a dump station. I will not stay at this park again for the following reasons: 1) It took maybe 15 minutes to check in. The woman at the computer had no idea how to use the computer and I needed to tell her about all the errors she was making and what she needed to change to get it to process my credit card, etc. 2) When you return to the campground in your car, you have to wait in line if anyone is checking in (see #1 to see why that's a big deal). A line often forms and it's best to have a book or digital device to entertain you while you wait. There was a second entrance lane, but they had it blocked off. I asked if we could go "in" the "out" in those situations and they said "no" and that "someone had to wait while you checked in". 3) The gate is closed and locked at 10pm. If you return after 10, you must park outside the gate and walk to your RV, which is not great if it's raining or cold. 4) There is a single oneway loop road to all the RV sites that is .5 miles long. We were parked near the end of the loop and got sick of driving .5 miles to what we could have gotten to in .00025 miles if it was a two way road. 5) They don't allow alcohol in the park. I don't need to walk around with any, but I do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and don't like the idea of having to lie about having some.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Pluses: The Wi-Fi was good. Minuses: If you have more than two air conditioners, then DO NOT come here. My electrical breaker tripped no fewer than 10 times. I called, they came out, did nothing and had me plug in my extension to use the electrical from the site next to me. After that site's breaker tripped eight times in a single day, we just left. I talked to them a second time and they came out to my site with a multimeter, but on the phone, they argued with me like you wouldn't believe. Tried to convince me that 50 amp meant two 25 amp 110V legs! That's simply not right. That's when we said "good bye" and moved on. 50 amp is 50 amp 220V! That means TWO legs of 50amp 110V for a total of 100amps of 110, or if you were to bridge the two legs, 50 amps of 220V. They had no idea what a real campground was supposed to be wired like. They had overly weak breakers that tripped when I was pulling 15amps off one leg and 37 amps off the other! They came out to show me that 120V was coming up each leg, but was uninterested in the fact that their breakers were tripping when fewer then 40 amps were being pulling from each leg. I've been traveling full time for the last 4.5 years and have only run across about five campgrounds that had terrible electrical setups, and this is one. I moved on to another campground and have been fine (no breakers tripped) for the last two days. I would have been fine with this campground if they had a grip as to how 50 amp is supposed to work, but instead, they argued about it. That's simply wrong.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The owners of this park are amazing. They will tell you anything you want to know about the area. I was there for an RV rally and the owners were trying to give us our space, while we were wishing they would hang out with us more. That's not the usual for most RV parks. In fact, we now keep in contact via facebook and twitter. We stayed at the park right when they were upgrading their Wi-Fi setup and they ended up with a system that could handle our overly tech-savvy rally. I will return to this park anytime I'm passing through the area.
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