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rating [ 2/10 ]
My family and I have been coming to this camp ground for 7 years and most of what you are reading here is (or was) correct, but the campground is now under new management. We tried to reserve our camp site as we had been doing, but we were told that they no longer take reservations for sites. When we asked when would we know what site we have they said at check-in. I would not stay at any campground with out knowing my site, this campground does have some pretty bad sites. They also said that they are trying to go to more year round guests. The feel of the campground has changed. It was very hard to give the "2" rating (my first ever) because this was a great family place and my kids loved it, but money seems to be higher on their list now.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I must rate the park for what it is, an overnight stop just a 1/2 mile off 95. that being said the park was very clean (the bathroom was amazingly clean) and the staff was friendly. the sites are a little close, but for a day or two stop over they worked out just fine. it was very nice to be able to pull in after 6 or 7 hours of driving, a quick check-in, pull-thru site, turn on the air, get a drink and relax. start out fresh in the morning. we will stay here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The park has a great beach, but thats about it. the store prices were way out there ($6.00 for a gal of milk) and the rangers were not friendly at all. I know it is a family campground, but we enjoy having a beer (at our campsite) while relaxing and talking with friends. the ranger informed me thats its a $425.00 fine per container open or closed wow! the same ranger returned later to inform us we were talking to loud. now we are a family of five (three kids) and we camp almost every weekend and take one big trip each year and have never run into this ever before. we go camping to relax with friends, not to keep looking over our shoulders and worrying if we are breaking some other crazy rule. the park also has only two dumping stations one of which you can not get into with a big rig and the only other dumpster is located at the main entrance. the five rating is for the beach only. we will not return.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The campground has new onwers (I think this is their second year)and they are trying their best to make everyone feel at home. The owner is always riding around to see if everything is ok and if anyone needs help. They are working on all areas of the park to keep everything clean and up-to-date. This campground has become a staple for my family and friends. We go here many times a year, but book early word is getting out.
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