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rating [ 10/10 ]
This is another beautiful state park that is well maintained and comforting. We were behind schedule so I called ahead to check availability. The office staff was very gracious and assured us of a place to stay for the night. We did arrive after hours and were able to find a spot with no problem; however we were here in the middle of the week. This is a very popular park so weekenders will need to have reservations. It is heavily wooded in the camping area, giving you a little more privacy than normal. There is a lot of wildlife to look at and nice scenery all around the area. The dinosaur tracks are the biggest draw. Get up early and head to the sights to see them before the masses get there. I ran by them on my morning run and they were easily visible. By 11:00 the silt in the river had been disturbed and the tracks clouded up. I can’t leave out the trails in this park. Bring your walking stick and bug spray. You will not be disappointed.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Allow me to preface this review by stating we are newbies in the world of RV parks. All of our previous experience has been in state and federal parks with only water and electric sites. This was our first experience with a “full hookup” style park. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and appearance of the park. We were partially prepared for the full hookup with good hose and connections. The sewer drains do have threaded collars. The sewer connection for our particular site looked to have been repaired and sat higher out of the ground making it hard to get the right slope on our drain hose. A quick trip to Wal-Mart to buy a hose support and we were in business. The park's location is great for accessing the many different hill country attractions. We were only 30 minutes from Sea World and 45 minutes from Austin. The 24 hour Laundromat was nice for those of us who spent all day site seeing. Our kids enjoyed the pool and game room. They were looking forward to jumping on the air trampoline until someone vandalized it and cut large holes in it. There is a lot of traffic from the trailer park that splits the property. This should disappear in the future as the trailers are replaced with cabins. Our voltmeter hovered close to the 112 volt range the entire week we were here. It came close to falling below 110 at least once, but I never saw it over 112. Overall this was a nice park with friendly staff. We enjoyed it so much we are trying to plan a large family reunion here.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Allow me to preface this review by stating we are newbies in the world of RV parks. All of our previous experience has been in state and federal parks with only water and electric sites. We have made multiple trips to Arlington and passed this location a dozen times without giving it any notice. That speaks to the seclusion of the park. We were kindly greeted by the manager upon our arrival. He wasted no time getting us taken care of on to set up. Two kind ladies escorted us to our site to keep us from getting lost and to make sure our key card worked for the gate. They helped ensure I was lined up with the sewer and took time to point out the power and cable connections. The pool and restrooms were highlighted for us and then the two ladies left to leave us to set-up before a nice rain storm rolled in. Entry into the park is steep and lower trailers need to be careful entering and exiting. The park itself is very clean, and maintained nicely. Did notice several sewer caps had been broken off and not replaced. The sites did not have a threaded collar for the sewer connection so be sure to have a donut handy. All sites are gravel with a nice grassy area along the sides. This area is in a flood plain and has a flood gauge located near the entrance. I marked it down for the steep entryway and sewer connections. Overall it is a nice place to stay; we will be back soon.
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