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rating [ 3/10 ]
This is a campground full of very old rundown seasonal campers. I would never pay the full rate to stay here. While the staff was very friendly, the facility was rundown. Not what you expect to find from a reciprocal park. The lounge was "members only" but the staff let us use it anyway so we could watch tv in the evening. There were used food containers and dirty dishes lying around and the place was filthy. You need to drive a half hour to get to almost any attraction. It is quiet though, I'll say that. Store also has very limited hours. There is a modem available on the pay phone outside the store but that is the only internet they have for you. This is best used as a stopover for the night only.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice facility, well policed, and a great adult work out room. Paved roads to ride bikes on. The week we were there they bussed in 2 to 3 bus loads of screaming kids each day to use the pool for several hours. Not what we expected before school was out for the year. Our site was well within screaming distance of the pool. Next time we will get a site further from the pool. Nice adult lounge. Wifi is expensive and tv reception poor unless you spring for cable.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is the worst campground I've ever stayed at. We left early and were promised a refund but no one there at the time knew how to give one. Never got the refund. Place is rundown beyond description. Lake is the color of Pepsi and it hadn't been raining. Exercise room is a storeroom for discarded equipment. Seasonals act like they own the place and their campers are so foul looking I couldn't believe the were habitable. June of 2006 visit.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is one of the worst campgrounds we have ever stayed in. It is totally run down. If it hadn't taken us so long to get there, we would have kept driving. There are no signs to guide you. The sites are full of old shabby trailers that look as if they have been there for years. The pictures on the web site must have been taken years ago. Management dumped a group of more that 30 noisy teenagers on a bike tour onto the 3 sites around us. The park was almost empty so there were other areas to put them. We left early because of that and were promised a refund that we never got. Exercise room is a joke! It is a locked store room of discarded equipment. Showers had no hot water except in main building by the laundry. Would Never camp there again. No redeeming features to this campground.
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