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rating [ 5/10 ]
We stayed here for 8 nights and were very happy with the facilities, but very unhappy with the hospitality of the staff. Upon check-in, for an 8 day stay, we were told we could not be accommodated for a site closer to our relatives cabin who were checking in on Wednesday. "We are booked for the holiday weekend." The site we asked to move to, remained empty until Friday, seven days later! A site is a site, why not accommodate a camper who is staying for 8 nights as opposed to a camper who is staying 3 nights? On day 5, a camper checking in to the site across from ours hit my truck with the rear end of his trailer. He tried to hide the incident by removing the damaged piece of his camper and not mentioning the incident to anyone. Upon discovery, we questioned the front desk to speak with a manager and the manager was rude and not interested in what happened and only offered to call the police. Even though the site is nostalgic and laden with Civil War history, clean and well groomed; my family and I will not stay here again. I will also make sure that I tell everyone I camp with to steer clear of the rude camp-staff employed by the "Best Holiday Trav-L-Park Chattanooga". I would expect this type of treatment from campsites in the north, but not in a true southern gem such as Chattanooga!
rating [ 3/10 ]
Prior to our arrival at ABC (Crazy Horse)I contacted the management to see if they were addressing the condition of the restrooms and showers that had been given poor ratings in previous comments by other campers. I was assured that they were addressing the comments and that the staff tried very hard each day to keep the restrooms clean for all guests. I was even offered an upgrade to a full hook up site that turned out to be too small for my 36' trailer, so we stayed in a "stream side" W/E site for 7 days. Our stream turned out to be the feeder "creek" for the algae filled fishing pond that bore no catch-able trout. The staff is friendly enough, if you discount the tyrant who unhappily operates the $9/day water slide. If you weigh more than 100lbs, keep you @$$ off the water slide or your @$$ will be hanging off the side rubbing against the 150 grit concrete sand paper they lined the side of the slide with. (Worth the $9, per site, for the kids to tire themselves of endless energy. Now to the facilities... I'm sure that 15 years ago this was a nice campground. Whomever the owner is currently needs to reinvest on the infrastructure of the park. The restrooms/showers need a major overhaul and the water system needs a pump boost to get you any pressure at the faucet head. My water system barely had enough pressure to wash your hands, let alone a shower in your own trailer, unless you used your own water pump. No need for a pressure regulator here. Not to fault the management or staff, but there seemed to be at least one occupant of the campground every night who needed to defecate in a pasture instead of a toilet. This individual or individuals need to learn a little common courtesy for the other campers as well as those who have to clean up behind them. During our stay, I only found one toilet out of 6 (each day) that was usable before 9am (when the staff cleaned and removed the bovine fecal matter from the available receptacles). So, is the staff working on the restroom issue? Yes, but it only appears they do so once a day and nothing is being done to proactively make the park better for future campers. Unfortunately for the majority of the friendly staff, we will not return.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice park, nice amenities and friendly staff. Sites are not well laid out or marked. The pool staff treats you as though you are checking into Ft. Knox with regard to getting the "camper" discount. Be sure and take your receipt, the warden will not trust the fact that she just watched you walk up the trail from the campground as proof that you are camping! Make sure to dine at Mama Rosa's on the way into or out of the park, great Italian Beef Sandwiches!!!
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was our first stay in our new trailer and we really enjoyed the quiet and peaceful surroundings of O'Bannon Woods. We were back in the 200's of the campground well away from the high traffic areas of the park. One draw back from that is that for the first time in my camping history (or that of any of my family and friends) we had a theft at our campsite during the night. Someone came onto our site and stole our bug light. This kind of dampened our spirits for a few, but we moved on and had a great time. The pool is a wonderful get away, BUT, GET THERE EARLY in order to even get a chair! The park was not at 100% capacity yet the pool was almost standing room only. The water slides were fun for both young and old. Some of the campsites would be tight for backing in large rigs, the roadways are a little narrow, and some trees could be removed for ease of parking a rig. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We will return for camping fun, but we will definitely lock up our bug light!
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