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rating [ 4/10 ]
Overall, it's an older CG, in need of updating. Good- the new pool, and the site we were in with friends, we were able to turn our trailer to have our doors facing each other. Other than that, my husband said the one trip to the bathroom was bad (old and dirty), luckily we have a full trailer so I never had to go! The lake was pretty, but for the kids, they had to walk across the sandy beach to get to the basketball court, with no sidewalk to get there. No trees in the area where we were, and being the last site in the area by the seasonals, we backed up to what looks like a junk yard- brush piles, empty trailers, CAT dozier, etc sitting around and areas unmowed. To fish off the pier you had to take off your shoes and walk through water to get to the pier, which wouldn't have been bad had it not been 50 out. The people checking in didn't quite seem to know what was going on because they told us one thing about fishing (included), and our friends that it was $6/person/day to fish as a registered camper. Not sure that we'll be back, but as a last resort, it was ok.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We checked in on Friday (Easter weekend) with friends of ours. They left on Sat afternoon, and once they left we were the ONLY non-seasonals there. Which honestly, was nice (quiet). The location we chose was gravel pad, water and 30-amp electric hookup. It was pretty level and easy to back into with our 19' trailer. I checked out the restrooms, which were clean, the showers were in a separate building, which I didn't go to, but the place appeared to be well maintained. There were workers everywhere getting ramped up for the new season. The only complaint I had was the site did not have a picnic table out for us at the site. They had not completely "opened" for the season, so not everything was ready (they were still stacked up at the beach, and not distributed to the sites yet). We talked to the owner a bit as he was riding through often, and he said they have plans to put in a pool hopefully mid-2012. The lake for swimming was clear, although we didn't swim (too cold). There were a few people fishing- and you had a choice of catch & release ponds or you could walk down a bit a go to the river, where several people caught some decent-sized fish. Overall, I gave it a 7 only because it wasn't completely open, BUT I would definitely return again because of the friendly owners and the potential it will have once they continue the improvements they are doing.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We stayed here over Labor Day weekend, so it was busy, as to be expected. The area we stayed in was towards the back, with other 5th wheels, trailers, etc. These sites all had a semi-paved/gravel pad for parking, and ours was fairly level, and they had a permanent awning over the picnic table which was on a concrete pad. This was a nice amenity, but I believe there were only about 10 like ours in the whole campground. The bad part about this area is people were REALLY crammed in, but we didn't mind as we made weekend friends with our camping neighbors. The tent areas seemed to be a bit more spacious however. The campground in general was average on noise. We have twin 6-yr olds, and there were tons of kids for them to play with at the playgrounds. The noise wasn't too bad in our area. Most people turned in around quiet time (10 pm), and I didn't hear many people stir in the morning until at least 8 am. The only thing that was a nuisance was the large quantity of dogs barking at each other, particularly the hound dog across from us that the owners let bark constantly for hours while they were sitting there. The roads looked like they had been paved at one time, but were very old and had turned mostly to gravel. The lake "beach" area was very small, and muddy (not much sand), but the lake also had paddle boats ($6/half-hour), moon bounces ($.50/15 minutes), a floating dock in the middle of the lake, and fishing. The pool was extremely small, but being a cooler weekend, it wasn't very busy at any point. There was a nice area deck next to the pool marked Adults Only, all lounge chairs, and the adults there made it clear to their own kids that they couldn't be up there, which was nice. Although we never used the bath houses, we always check them out to see what they are like in case we decide we want to use them. I would say they are very average, but it was very much like a long mobile trailer that was partitioned in mens and womens. The floor was that of a mobile home- very flexible. You do have to pay for showers (not sure how much), and the cleanliness was OK. I've been to much better campgrounds in this regard. The office staff when I booked by phone the girl was maybe in her teens and seemed very unsure about the reservation and where the site was or what it was like, but I chalk that up to her age. The check-in staff was mediocre, not overly friendly, but they did at least have someone from the staff escort you to your site so you knew exactly where you were without guessing. Trash pick up was daily, but at night. Overall it wasn't bad by any means, but definitely not one of the better ones we've been to so far.
rating [ 6/10 ]
There are not-so-good, good and great things about this CG. Not-so-good: if you are using anything larger than a 19' trailer, I honestly have no idea how the big rigs got in here- VERY windy road coming up to the CG (not their fault though!), but the sites are tight for even our trailer. We had a pull-thru, but we couldn't pull all the way through, we had to pull in, and back out at the end of our stay. We had to pull between a tree and a boulder. Site was covered in mulch-ish substance, which got all on the inside of the trailer, but it was livable. Bad part was possibly just our site, but when we pulled in, the trailer door faced the road. The electric/water was on the opposite side which was fine, however the picnic table was on the road side and the campfire pit was on the backside. It would have been nice to have the table and pit on the same side, but there was no room- definitely a tight space with a trailer. Good: staff was friendly at check in, and campground was rather quiet. Great: Wooded, secluded, and serene at night. Piece of advice, check for ticks (also not their fault). All sites where we were (up on a hill), was completely covered in trees, so we found 3 ticks on us at the end of one night by the fire. Definitely would return again!
rating [ 6/10 ]
We arrived late, and it was getting quite dark. The hardest thing was finding our site (we were in one of the circle sites). Finally after our second circle through, a gentleman next to our general area stopped by and asked if we needed help. Turns out, they parked in our site, because the sites are not clearly marked. You have to read the table-top end of the picnic table to find the site number, and it was badly faded. At any rate, we got parked, and there were tons of groups camping together, and everyone we ran into for the weekend were all very friendly. The group behind us was a bit noisy, but things died down after midnight. We were happy to find cable hookup (we had just bought our MPG trailer that day), and once everyone in our group turned in, we did the same, enjoying the weather channel. I rose at 5:30 on Sat morning, and took a nice quiet walk down to the lake, which was very serene. I came back and napped again until 9am when I woke to the sounds at the race track. It was a nuisance at first, then it just became white noise. Apparently most people camping were there for the race, so the grounds were fairly empty throughout the day, and all returned shortly after 5pm. The one pool we managed to find at the back of the park was large compared to our last camping experience. It was sparkling blue and very inviting. There were seats at the pool, and although all the seats were full, there was still plenty of room to spread out a towel and sit without being crammed in with the others. We went to the Sat evening concert, which was a cover band. I wasn't thrilled about their performance, so we headed back to our site. It was nice, however, sitting on the hill watching the concert while the kids could go to the playground and still be seen. We left mid-morning on Sunday, but our friends stayed an extra night and said the place was virtually empty, so they had all the lake and pool to themselves. Overall I enjoyed my stay. I didn't have much interaction with the employees, except the first night when I walked back to let them know someone was in our designated spot and asked if it was OK that we parked in the same area, just a different site. They were accommodating on that note. Definitely would come back again!
rating [ 5/10 ]
I have mixed reviews about this campground. This was our first camping experience as a family (of four) and we had borrowed someone's pop-up camper. The good- we stayed right on the river. The view first thing in the morning was very peaceful and beautiful. We enjoyed the all-inclusive tubing on the river, the concert on Saturday night, the pool and miniature golf. The bathhouse (women's at least) was fair. There were only 3 toilet stalls and 2 or 3 showers for the entire campground. We waited in line for over 20 minutes to take a shower at 4pm on Saturday. It was about as clean as I would expect for it to be so busy. For someone with two smaller kids (twin 5 yr olds), they were NOT fond of the random spiders or flies in the bath house, but it was their first experience. I was happy to have a porta-potty closer to our site, and it was nice (as nice can be for a porta) because it was clean and smelled ok the first two days. By the end of the weekend, it desperately needed emptying, so I kept opting for the long climb to the bathroom at the main entrance. It would have been a little better in my opinion if the porta was a handicap size just from having two children that refused to go in alone. You can barely fit one adult in there, let alone an adult and child together. Plus, there is no lighting at night, so you'd better come prepared with a friend to hold the door and flashlight, or learn to go in the dark. The tubing was fun, but I generally wasn't excited about the pool. It was very cloudy, which I am assuming is the water in general in the area, as the friends we camped with had a trailer and said the water coming out of the pipes was cloudy (not dirty) as well. But for a pool to be so cloudy, was a big turn off for swimming. The mini golf was under-maintained (carpet was bumpy, outdated, and poorly constructed, but it was "free" so beggars can't be choosey I suppose. The golf range was packed at all hours of the day/evening and if you jump on the pillow, be sure not to go in the heat of the day- one of the kids came down screaming from being burnt on the pillow. The staff was friendly at the desk, but the one gentleman at the gate wasn't so pleasant. Overall, I have mixed feelings, and not sure if I would return.
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