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rating [ 7/10 ]
Lyman Run State Park is a park with a lot of promise, but, even though I enjoyed our stay, it falls short on a number of areas. The campground is split into two areas about a mile apart, Dagget Run and Lower Campground. Dagget Run is a long narrow area tucked into a crease in the mountain. It can accommodate good sized rigs in about half the spaces. The campground loop road is not paved and therefore, camping near the front brings quite a lot of dust and noise from traffic, even though it's a small park. The Lower Campground, also gravel, is more spread out on a hillside and seems to have more larger spaces, but access and turns sometimes require some creative solutions. Not impossible, just interesting. Lower Campground also contains the dump station, which was minimal, but seems adequate for the size of park. Bath houses are fairly new and in are very nice. PA's updates are coming along nicely in this area. Most campground bath houses we've been to are nicer than mine at home. There is a small beach at the lake and several trails for hiking. This is a pretty mountainous area of the state and travel with larger vehicles can be challenging at times. Beware: as of now, there are two main roads into this park and neither is RV friendly, as maintenance is on-going, both from Galeton and Cherry Springs. 20 mph is the rule of the day and broken asphalt and potholes are the norm for about 10 miles of road. If you value your alignment, take your time. I suspect this situation will be rectified in the near future judging from the activity we witnessed. The concessions for snack bar and boat rental are substandard, and when the crowds come in, expect to be disappointed if you want a boat or burger. They seem to be run by less-than-attentive teens who lack basic communication/sales skills, and aren't really concerned with customer satisfaction. We started hiking one of the trails, which was very picturesque, but soon ran out of blazes and trail. Apparently budget cut-backs have caused trails to grow shut due to lack of maintenance? The other big draw to Lyman is the ATV trails which seem to get plenty of use. I wouldn't call it a nuisance, but you are definitely aware that lots of people are using the trails throughout the day. Kind of made me wish we had one. If absolute peace and quiet are at the top of your list, this isn't the park for you. All in all, we had a very nice stay and I would go back, but probably not at the very top of my list. We do only state parks and there are many others that rate slightly higher and many more that we've yet to visit.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a small, quiet, out-of-the-way State Park in a very scenic section of the state. The entrance to the campground is steep, but easily accessible, and relatively flat once you get in. Some sites are back in the tall pines, others are in partial shade. Many of the sites are at odd angles to the access road and might require turning around to back in, but once you get onto the overall layout, it isn't a problem. Roads in the campground are a mixture of stone, gravel or asphalt. There isn't much room to get moving too fast, so it's pretty quiet as State Parks go. The bath house has only one shower for each gender, but is clean and modern. The dump station is a tight squeeze for bigger rigs, but easily doable. This park may use up your rig's turning radius, but it's not so tight you can't maneuver. There cannot be enough said about the opportunities for outdoor adventure in this park. There are some great trails and one is flat and fine gravel which goes on for miles and takes you out to a wildlife viewing area where you may see elk, deer, bear, and almost anything else you can think of. You will not have phone or tv service unless you have a satellite hookup. There is a land line phone in the park at the kiosk which you can dial out on (9 for an outside line) and a store just down the main road with pay phone. We have camped here twice so far and look forward to going again. Great little park!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We love this park! We already have next year booked. This is our second visit in as many years and have had no problems, other than finding the entrance to the campground the first visit. It should be marked better. The whole campground is wooded and nicely laid out on a hillside. The gravel sites are mostly flat, and this year, they had the campground loop road paved. It changes the whole feel of the park for the better. It's quieter, no dust, and the kids can ride scooters and bikes will ease. Sidewalk chalk has become popular, too. The dump station has been upgraded as well, though it could have been laid out with more room. Still, it's very serviceable as it is. he bathhouses were revamped several years ago and remain in very good condition. There are some good hiking trails to explore, as well as lots of great history waiting for campers to uncover, so don't miss the programs at the other park facilities on site which bring alive the history of the iron industry in early America. There is very little to complain about at this park, other than the missing full hookups that all PA State Parks share. We will be back many times!
rating [ 8/10 ]
Admittedly, we stayed here in order to see the falls and surrounding sights, so we didn't do any "camping" in the park. Our visit was marred by someone still in our site upon our arrival, due to a "family emergency". I was given the option of taking another inland site or the lake view site next to the one I had booked, with the understanding I would have to move the next day, since my temp site would be needed for someone arriving tomorrow. I agreed to move the next day, but later that night after the latent occupant finally left, another camper moved in before my return, so I was asked to move to the site on the other side of my booked site. I never did get to stay in my booked site, it was an inconvenience to me and my family, and while the staff was polite and apologetic, no offer of compensation was tendered. Next time, I will not be so understanding. The park employees should have moved the camper in my site to prevent an inconvenience to me and anyone else coming later in the booking schedule. Poor management on their part. Overall, the park seems very nice and well-kept. There is plenty of room to maneuver, all sites are clean and level, hook ups are current and in good repair. The bath houses, while adequate and fairly clean, could use an upgrade. It was clear they had some age to them. Some tiles were falling off, and it looked like mold and decay had started to rot some of the roof members due to lack of adequate ventilation. Paint can only hide so much. There is also a small store and arcade on site with firewood and ice available. Their handling of my site situation not withstanding, I would go back again. The fact that another camper took my site without checking the board when entering can be handled by placing markers on the site post of each site. That's how PA State Parks handle it, and it's a system that works.
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